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Monday February 26th

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

8:46 am PST/ 12:46 pm EST

What a nice day! Only one major aspect and it’s a positive one. An air trine will make us think quickly and precisely. We have fixed and cardinal air signs and Moon means our body will work well with this Aquarius transformation that is under way in the world.  We might see ourselves well able to negotiate or work with the changes underway in humanity and ourselves and have clear thinking today. Libra wants fairness and Aquarius wants change.

Meanwhile there is an approaching three car pileup in Pisces involving Mercury, Sun, and Saturn, and you may be feeling this already. This is Wednesday’s approaching astrology. Pisces is deep feeling and empathic and these planets guarantee to tether us to a spiritual lesson we are learning involving who we are, how we think, and how we are received and perceived in the world. Something is dissolving away, while we figure out what will last through a tsunami. There are parts of us that are eternal, and parts of us that are ephemeral. Who will emerge from the depths after the storm?

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