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Monday February 5th

Capricorn Venus square Aries Chiron @ 16 degrees

3:31 am PST/ 6:31 am EST

Aquarius Mercury conjunct Pluto @ 0 degrees

4:43 am PST/ 7:43 am EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries North Node @ 17 degrees

6:45 am PST/ 9:45 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

9:05 pm PST/ February 6th 12:05 am EST

Sometimes pain is our greatest teacher. It tells us what doesn’t work. Who doesn’t work for us. Pain is a message. Chiron says the wound is the path. We are hurting on an identity level. Our relationships with others may feel like a twisting knife. Perhaps we feel that we are not loved enough? Perhaps we don’t know how to access love at all? Perhaps we are kept far away from a love we know exists but we cannot share it. This is a cardinal square designed to make us start something. This vibe feels starved of affection, but also a need to self-heal. The love is there within you. Can you give yourself this pure love? 

Mercury conjuncts Pluto. This is the first time this has happened here since 1797! This is about mental power– who has it, how do you yield it, and what are your intentions? This is probing, investigating, and compulsive energy. There is this need to know, or an uncovering of what is hidden. Something will come to light or be revealed. Be careful with social media.

Moon trines North Node. We may have feelings about where we are going as individuals, our body might be telling us what needs to happen. What impulses and desires are showing up that feel fundamental to who you are? Have you learned something about yourself today, and what you actually want?

Moon squares Neptune. Your body is a super computer that’s hard to decode sometimes. It can be confusing to have an impulse, desire, or intention that seems clear, active and in motion; and then not understand where or what is going on? There is this idea of delusion, victimisation, or altered states– what are you being pulled into? Keep your wits about you and make space for not knowing. A good time to connect spiritually to your guidance.

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