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Monday January 8th

Sagittarius Moon conjunct Venus @ 12 degrees

10:45 am PST/ 1:45 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 15 degrees

4:43 pm PST/ 7:43 pm EST

Moon conjunct Venus today to allow us to be connectors. This is a good time for idealism and optimism to come into your social and financial scene, and you are sensitive to what is happening around you and within the containers you participate in. This is a fiery conjunction with a point. Who do you want to be around and where do you want to double down? This is a time when you can really choose what you want.

Moon trine Chiron. There is beneficial energy and inspiration coming through this wounding/healing energy. It could be that we are able to use something to move forward, it could be that a flare up of something that reminds us that we still have healing to do, but that flare up can also remind us that we’ve come pretty far with our healing. 

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