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New Moon in Pisces: Swallowed Whole

On February 19th, 2023; at 11:05pm PST/ February 20th at 2:05 am EST, we have a new moon in Pisces 1°21 degrees . This is a sacred time of new beginnings during our newly anointed Pisces season. As with anything Piscean, new beginnings are in a marriage with the letting go of whatever is dying. These fish are swimming wherever they want.

We never like to talk about endings and yet all endings beget beginnings. You can’t have a divorce without starting a brand new life. You can’t get a new job without leaving your old one. One friend moving away can reconfigure your time enough that a new friend comes into your sphere. Every shift is a contraction AND expansion. We just like to gloss over the contraction part because it makes us uncomfortable.

This new Moon is loosely attached to Saturn in Aquarius, a few degrees off, with Mercury in Aquarius making a trine to Mars in Gemini and a square to Uranus. That’s a lot of airy energy circulating around the depths of Piscean waters. There are bubbles coming off this movement. This beginning is emotional, and it’s intellectual. We are working with the divine channel. Schools of fish move in unison. We are no different.

What is holding you in place? What is constant for you in times of change? Can you see your role in a bigger story of humanity?

While Pisces new Moon plants a sacred seed in the depths of tomorrow, it’s doing so in the dark. It does not see the light of what could be, rather it is surrounded by phosphorescent jellyfish, starfish, a few sharks, a shipwreck or two. As the ocean begins to swallow up forms, and grow itself, clean itself, and feed itself within its ecosystem, we also have this Piscean energy to deal with. We are letting go of what was and allowing what IS to emerge.

What are you ready to let go of? What hurts can propel you to a better dream? Who did you think you were, and who are you now? Do you feel scared to say goodbye to parts of yourself?

Saturn in Aquarius provides a mental and social construct to hold on to. It does have form and bounds and tethers us to our work in the human story. Whatever little deaths are happening within, we still need to be human citizens, operate our computers, show up to our meetings. We have an ethical framework as scaffolding while we swim in the depths of this ocean.

Our bodies may be cleaning and cycling something out. There might be something lodged within that must go. Can you have a ceremony for the part of you that is dropping away? Can you love it– even though it's falling off?

Mercury in Aquarius is processing this information for us on a cognitive scale. We are trying to make sense of something that does not make sense. Pisces never has clarity, because Pisces is losing ego, form, and boundary. So we have this interplay of trying to understand the surreal, vast ocean, and trying to find our way within something that is swallowing us whole.

Mercury in Aquarius is working with Gemini Mars, in a trine, to ensure that your actions are based in our ethics. We will express ourselves, and our intentions, but they will be rooted in our Aquarian values and morals. Further to this theme, Uranus (modern ruler of Aquarius) is making a fixed square with Mercury. Surprises, movement, divine insight, epiphanies, and grand exits are on the menu. Your mind will be abuzz while this deep contraction/ expansion hits you emotionally. You may find yourself swimming for your life.

Dealing with the panic of the brain is often a difficult ride. It is a roller coaster of all the abusive ideas ever presented in your life, trying to keep you in line with whatever feels safe to the brain. But if you can keep the chatter in the background while the deep waters overtake you, you’ll find deep healing, and with that; deep opening. If you can keep your dreams in your pocket, your poetry in your head, and your heart on your sleeve, you’ll get through this with aplomb.

A new moon in Pisces is no joke. Your intuition, creative and psychic powers will be magnified. This will require trust. In yourself. In your intentions. In your process. You have been swallowed into the ocean. And at the same time you are birthing anew.

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