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Weekly Transits for October 2nd-8th

Monday October 2nd

Yod: Libra Mars apex @ 23 degrees, inconjunct Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees, Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

2:24 am PST/ 5:24 am EST

Yod: Pisces Neptune apex @ 25 degrees, inconjunct Libra Mars @ 23 degrees, and Leo Venus @ 24 degrees

2:24 am PST/ 5:24 am EST

Virgo Mercury opposite Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

8:24 am PST/ 11:24 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 22 degrees

8:56 am PST/ 11:56 am EST

Taurus Moon square Leo Venus @ 24 degrees

1:05 pm PST/ 4:05 pm EST

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

6:24 pm PST/ 9:24 pm EST

The day opens with two yods, meaning some serious alchemy is at work. Libra Mars is the apex of the first, meaning you’ll have influence from both Pisces Neptune and Taurus Uranus (AKA the divine) to push your energy out. This could feel like you have to initiate a good conversation or do something active to achieve balance. Pisces Neptune is the apex of a yod at the same time with Mars and Venus, that asks us to carry our relationships, connections, and actions with compassion, depth, and soul. These yods are a beautiful setup for relationship work.

Then Virgo Mercury opposes Pisces Neptune. Both these planets are in their home signs. We will be doing more relationship work here; there may be issues between confusion and certainty, details versus high level, practicality versus feelings. You may be trying to understand something concrete, or you may be trying to work through feelings you can’t name. Either way this is also groundwork for your relationships.

Sensual Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus to deliver surprises, big ideas, record scratches and revolutions that will be felt in the body and reactions. This will help you come to terms with what your emotional body and how to soothe and ground it, even when surprises abound. Not all surprises are bad, and sometimes our first reaction is to resist change, but trust what comes with slowness and deliberation.

Taurus Moon squares Leo Venus to highlight how we can lead, work on, and feel secure in relationships. But the square will deliver a frustration or spikey moment to do this. Look to your body for clues to what is working for you or not, what you value and what feels right for the long haul. What are your relationships and connections teaching you about your self esteem and security with others? What do you need?

We top the day off with a trine between Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Whatever transformation you are in on the earth plane will feel the benefit of the work you have done today to make your life something that is peaceful and rooted. There is something to enjoy here, possibly, with this earth signature that seeks to get you prepared for the long haul, come what may. This trine is a blessing of ease hiding in a time when there is change and nuance budding in relationships. Are there any changes happening that feel fated, grounded, and settled?

Tuesday October 3rd

Libra Mars apexed, inconjunct Taurus Uranus and Pisces Neptune yod from yesterday continues…

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 1 degree

12:28 am PST/ 3:28 am EST

Gemini Moon trine Libra Sun @ 10 degrees

5:01 pm PST/ 8:01 pm EST

Your energy and where you put it is your compass in the beginning of the day leading out of yesterday. There’s a relationship vibe here in this energy, and you are working for equity propelled by the ideals of the divine. You need to act, behave, and move in a way that benefits both of you in the relationship. Sounds easy but deceptively difficult, especially when dealing with lessons disguised as people.

Mutable Moon squares mutable Saturn. This is a sobering moment, our feelings are curious and communicated but Pisces Saturn is a bit of a wet blanket with its existential angst. This square is designed to dissolve something, or at least dissipate it. It may be felt in the body and be difficult to let go of it. But holding on is harder.

Moon makes an air trine to Sun and we feel the benefits of divine mind work with our spirit and body. This might be an excellent time to write that book, do a meditation, or come up with ideas. Our minds are plugged in at this moment and there is warmth and curiosity with others. Journaling will teach you something. If you talk or advocate, this is also favored. What needs to be said or processed. Can you allow it to flow out?

Wednesday October 4th

Libra Mars conjunct South Node @ 24 degrees

8:52 am PT/ 11:52 am EST

Mercury enters Libra

5:08 pm PST/ 8:08 pm EST

Gemini Moon trine Libra Mars

8:31 pm PST/ 11:31 pm EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

9:36 pm PST/ October 5th 12:36 am EST

Libra Mars has trouble expressing its aggression, force and initiatory movement. We all might think that this is a great thing and like that it’s in peacekeeping and balanced Libra, but these things are neither good nor bad. It could be great that we hold back our anger, for example, but bad when it seethes inside of us, and we feel inauthentic. We may be hiding, and we may make ourselves sick holding on to it, whereas the person we were angry at, perhaps for good reason, has no idea. Did this really keep the peace, and for whom?

I point out this dynamic because Mars conjuncts the South Node in Libra today, so there is a karmic pattern, habit, or tendency that will be ingrained in our behaviour, and this might cause some kind of stir in relationships. The South Node is directly opposite the North Node in Aries, so there will be a reckoning between these two. The South Node is what we’ve always done, and the North Node is what we are learning to do. Someone may trigger this dichotomy and you might find yourself having to be take care of yourself, or your movement, instead of someone else.

Not-to-fear, the winged messenger enters Libra after FINALLY leaving Virgo to help us negotiate, mediate, and conversate better with others. Libra knows how to keep balance, and fairness, and Mercury will bless us with better skills in talking through our differences.

Gemini Moon trines Libra Mars to help us have some blessings when it comes to the way we feel and act. This is an air trine so we are thinking clearly and are not bogged down too much in the emotional body, even though Moon is involved. We have a way of talking and walking here that will bode well while all this relationship stuff goes on.

We then have a mutable square between Neptune and Moon. This Moon is wired, smart, and curious, and this Neptune isn’t very easy to figure out. Pisces Neptune is a bit of an abstraction, so there may be a dissipation in the air. Perhaps something gets lost or left behind in this frustration. Perhaps we are jumping around looking for blame, but there is no right answer. But this square will frustrate and keep us on our toes wondering what’s happening.

Thursday October 5th

Cancer Moon square Libra Mercury@ 1 degree

7:32 am PST/ 10:32 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 1 degree

7:53 am PST/ 10:53 am EST

Our thoughts and communication skills may have a hard time helping our emotional body feel safe. We might be carrying some bodily baggage or matrilineal line stuff, and Libra Mercury might not go as deep or as fierce as this Moon wants. This Moon protects itself, and initiates a full body experience. This Mercury may try to smooth things over with some beautiful words, and the ability to think up a solution that works for everyone, but Cancer Moon will need to feel safe to give up any territory in this frustration.

Perhaps the water trine that follows will help heal some of the discordance that may have erupted through this relationship workout that we’re getting. Our bodies and our boundaries, our cycles and our sense of reality in the world are in sync with this trine, and there is something working beautifully to help soothe us. We may just know what to do at a moment when emotions run high, and that is significant and powerful.

Friday October 6th

Cancer Moon square Libra Sun @ 13 degrees

6:46 am PST/ 9:46 am EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

4:16 pm PST/ 7:16 pm EST

Cancer Moon is frustrated by Libra Sun. Sun and Moon usually work well together but Sun is in its fall in Libra and Cancer Moon is powerfully at home. It might be hard to sort out a solid identity in all these relationship dynamics, or a solid sense of safety. Libra Sun may care more about superficialities than the bare bones raw emotions that have been contained in Cancer Moon’s crab shell. The rest of the world fears and sometimes resents deep feelers like Cancer Moon, but Cancer Moon needs support and a safe container more than anything.

Cancer Moon then makes a square to Aries Chiron suggesting that the identity wound is going to come into this dynamic set off earlier. We must contend with wounding so deep we don’t know ourselves without it and the body that endured these wounds, and feels it so deeply that even memories hurt. This doesn’t sound like fun, does it? And yet wounds that you accept and move with can turn into something that creates safety and softness. There is an Easter Egg somewhere within the astrology that could be available. Otherwise, this might just hurt, thankfully only briefly, and felt deeply in the body. It is possible that we are able to find some healing through this also, that initiates deeper safety and understanding.

Saturday October 7th

Venus out of shadow @ 28 degrees

2:16 am PST/ 5:16 am EST

Cancer Moon square North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra @ 24 degrees

6:21 am PST/ 9:21 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

7:54 am PST/ 12:54 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Libra Mars @ 27 degrees

10:25 am PST/ 1:25 am EST

Cancer Moon opposes Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

12:10 pm PST/ 3:10 pm EST

Venus has finally completed her tour of the lessons we needed for deeper love, connection and understanding. I don’t know about you, but the lessons I experienced kept lesson-ing right up until the end. After this, you’ll be moving forward with your Venus stories, just in time for eclipse season!

Cancer Moon becomes the apex of a T-square between the Nodes to help us feel our placement in between our past and future. What are you gestating and incubating and how are your relationships helping you do this? How much does your autonomy and identity help you do this? Where does your body feel safe or at risk? Do your old relationship habits make you feel vulnerable, or does the idea of autonomy and standing on your own two feet?

The beneficial and healing trine from Pisces Neptune to Moon will help you with this question. Emotionally and spiritually, you will feel a connect in your body with the divine, but it will be hard to decode. If you can just let the healing happen without trying to understand it, you may get the messages you seek, but through a different channel and known more in the body than anywhere else. Confusion can be triggering for some of us, but sometimes our minds get in the way of the emotional body’s work. Can you let things not make sense for a while without getting anxious?

Cancer Moon then squares Libra Mars. Our actions and need to expel energy will come into some sort of conflict with our feelings and need for safety. Who is safe in your world? Where do you feel safe to feel things? Is there a safe way to express your anger or energy?

Moon opposes Pluto and this may have you in a difficult relationship spot. You may be called upon to take some power, or you may feel upheaval or some sort of thing blowing up. Your body may be triggered into emotions that feel out of control or deeply hurtful. We could also come into some sort of father/ mother dynamic. Moon is powerful in Cancer, and mother figures may find themselves in crosshair with father figures or patriarchal power plays. Of course the opposite could be true and we could find the wounded feminine using tactics to gain power and control. Either way we are being forced to evolve, little by little.

Sunday October 8th

Libra Mars square Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

6:04 pm PST/ 9:04 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 13 degrees

7:54 pm PST/ 10:54 pm EST

Venus enters Virgo

6:10 pm PST/ 9:10 pm EST

Libra Mars squares Capricorn Pluto, and this is rather uncomfortable whenever it happens. Libra Mars has trouble distributing its will and will opt out of force in order for the greater good. Capricorn Pluto will easily use force to get what it wants. Libra Mars will subjugate its needs for the sake of the relationship and Capricorn Pluto will take that ground and use it. There is something uncomfortable and possibly combustible going on here, and it probably doesn’t feel that great. This kind of frustration is initiating you into something– look to your house placement of these signs to gain a clue.

Next is a fixed square with Moon and Jupiter. How do you act when no one is looking? How do you act when everyone is looking? Leo Moon’s dignity might be challenged by the careful and slow moving Jupiter that is honing its beliefs and expansions to make you more secure. Leo Moon is fiery and requires a lot more affection, fanfare, and adoration than its likely getting from this practically minded Jupiter. There’s something in the way.

Venus enters Virgo today after an unusually long tour in Leo. The planet of love, connection, and what we value will get a bit more devotional and earthy. It will work harder, nose down, in the minutiae of day to day life, there is no detail too small for it to connect to. Venus here may come across a bit harsh, perfectionistic, or critical. But in its glory Virgo Venus is very wise, cognizant of everything going on and potential pitfalls, and there to do the actual work in service of those it loves.

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