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Rolling in the Deep: Venus in Pisces

On January 26th to February 20th 2023, we have one of the more hotly anticipated transits of the year: Venus in Pisces. Ingress 6:32pm PST/ 9:32pm EST . Venus is the part of us that wants to connect, wants to like, and love things, that decides what is valuable and what is not. Venus is exalted in Pisces, so her powers are strong in this watery sign.

But what does it all mean?

First, if you’re looking for clarity, you won’t find it here. Pisces is a water sign– therefore rules the world of feelings. It’s associated with the vast ocean. There’s stuff down there we know nothing about. Most of the ocean is still a huge mystery. So don’t look to Pisces Venus to make things clear. Look to Pisces Venus to make things deep, intense, and confusing.

We all have our ideas of cognizant reality. But every set of eyes and ears on the planet has a deep inner world too. Including you. You have secret attractions, daydreams, sadness, memories, and wonderment. Pisces Venus is here to fish in these waters.

Pisces Venus is poetry and daydreams, hot broom-closet quickies, eye-contact, yearning for someone’s body and smell. Pisces Venus, at its best, is a romantic painter who lives on the Champs Elysees.

Things will be pulled out of your heart. Pisces is porous, and lacks boundaries. You can be pulled into other people’s stuff. If you are empathic, you may find yourself dealing with someone else’s drama, or embroiled in an emotional situation of which you have no control. Your desire to connect will be VERY strong, so we can find ourselves literally taking on each other in a very intimate way. Empaths are vulnerable at this time.

Now, if you have a hot tamale lover, this could be sexy. This could be the emotional tissue that underlies the connection, it could make things stronger and more mind-blowing. Sex aside: it could be that these depths are plunged in other ways. You could get to a very intimate emotional place with a friend, lover, an aging parent, or even, just with yourself.

What house is ruled by Pisces in your chart? Do you have a planet, angle, or point there? This will greatly affect your experience of this transit.

Pisces rules altered states, including drugs and alcohol. If you journey with medicine, you may pull out some big, emotional, fish. Will you keep them aboard, kill the fish and eat/ integrate them? Or throw them back into the ocean?

Pisces is the sign of the marginalized, and those who have been victimized. Sometimes people are so identified with the victim role, they’ll do anything to put themselves in that place again. This is not to victim-blame anyone. We are stuck in the patterns of Samsara, and our learned behaviour runs deeply into attachment styles. If we were born marginalized, came from abusive situations or extreme trauma, then we may conflate intensity of feeling with love. We may coalesce pain with love. We may confuse “taking care of someone” as “being meant for each other.” We sometimes do not know how to crawl out of the pattern, but it does not mean anyone deserves to be hurt. It's radical work to even SEE the patterns.

Some people have an insatiable hunger inside of them, and this transit will ignite their need. The impetus to relapse might be strong during this transit. And trust: we are all addicted to something. Or someone. Or both.

With Pisces Venus, it’s not going to be easy to understand, analyze or even clarify what’s happening inside of us. Pisces Venus is Love. Love: regardless of whether or not it’s healthy, whether or not the person of our affections wants our love. Pisces Venus loves the colours, the darkness, the bits and pieces of existence. Pisces Venus has seen it all, and loves it all. It is powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

What better way to LOVE than to write, paint, sing, or create something? What better way to embrace this energy than to work with ways to put action behind our sentiments. How could you help marginalized people, beasts, or the natural world? Instead of finding ways to succumb to your addictions to love, addiction, pain, perhaps there are ways to help others? There is beautiful, life-affirming fragility to this energy. Like our ocean ecosystems that are the cradle of life, so is the depth of our emotional soul.

There are ways to take this delicate range of emotions and transmute them into power. Put your love into those that will not be flippant with your heart. That will love you when you’ve lost your faculties and are fumbling in the dark.

I mentioned at the beginning of this, that this transit is hotly anticipated. There is something so real about Venus in Pisces, something so intimate, it’s very alluring. But there is nothing so terrifying as to be truly seen by someone. Nothing so terrifying as the moment that you know you love someone– truly– and they have your heart in their hands. When you realize that someone that you love will not be with you forever. Impermanence is a part of the deal. And so, yes, let’s love, but also: take care of your beautiful heart. Make energetic boundaries where you need to. And dive deep into that ocean. There are magnificent creatures inside of you, and they are all beautiful.

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