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Saturday April 15th

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 4 degrees

10:57 pm PST/ April 16th 1:57 am EST

What psychic messages from the deep will come through today? We’ve got a story going; starting with this Aquarius Pluto pinning us to our role within the collective. Aquarius Pluto is leading the charge in making us part of the human story, and pushing us like a pinball machine into our personal narratives.

Next is a cluster in Pisces, the conjunction of Moon and Saturn (which I will get to in a moment) followed by Neptune. We are in the depths of receptivity, learning, and the emotional field of all-there-is. We may feel like sacrificial lambs, get huge empath vibes, or feel completely confused about what’s going on.

Followed by a cluster in Aries, forcing us to burst forth into newness. Chiron, Jupiter and Sun ask us to heal, expand, and become ourselves. While we are still attached to the Piscean energy of the old, we are also thrust into the new.

The next cluster is in Taurus; with North Node, Mercury and Uranus all divinely asking us to keep our heads down and feet on the ground as we move towards our future. We are communicating and receiving messages about how we keep grounded on earth as we blast off into an Aquarian age.

Finally Venus in Gemini helps us look at all the ways we can learn and connect while Mars in Cancer holds our emotional energy to be stored, saved, or sidestepped until it’s safe to unleash. This is an awkward story, and we’re all living it together.

Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces might be dreamy and artistic, an emotional or psychic truth, or a tough lesson about what really matters. What is your body telling you about your boundaries or lack of them? What truths are you trying to avoid? What endings feel too hard to face? Can you meditate if things get rough? Get yourself into water? Go fishing?

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