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Saturday December 16th

T-square: Aquarius Moon square Scorpio Venus @ 14 degrees, opposing Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

9:31 am PST/ 12:31 pm EST

Sun square Neptune @ 24 degrees 

7:36 pm PST/ 10:36 pm EST

The fixed T-square lasts for most of the day with Moon being the mechanism in which we grow. Our bodies, needs, and cycles are the focal point in the middle of our relationship issues. We have determined and focused energy for connection versus a universal wild card of energy coming from the divine.

Something causes the tension and the mechanism out of that tension is some sort of bodily need for freedom and rebellion. Remember this is fixed energy so not a lot changes here. The Moon will move through this all day, but it won’t feel like movement. Your desire and passion for connection might be thwarted by something bigger, more universal; this is upheaval that is– in the end– more solid and secure. 

And from there we find ourselves in tension with our egos and identity. There is confusion, compassion, delusion, and addiction on the menu. but probably not all at the same time. We are trying to navigate something unnavigable. We are trying to understand what is happening in the midst of all this relationship confusion and who we are-- now that the rules have changed. We haven’t quite realized that things have shifted and we aren’t in the same place. We actually don’t know where we are, and likely, we don’t know who we have become, either. It’s all part of the process. 

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