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Saturday December 23rd

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 19 degrees

5:33 am PST/ 8:33 am EST

Taurus Moon oppose Scorpio Venus @ 22 degrees 

11:04 am PST/  2:04 pm EST

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

10:39 pm PST/ Dec. 24th 1:39 am EST

Did something just happen, did you move through some sort of upset? Classic Uranus magic. Stable repetition– meet surprise diversion and insecurity. Emotionally we might have a big bag of stuff to contend with.

Moon opposite Venus, maybe emotionally we should be realistic about what we are doing and also– maybe– we should give it a rest? Your focused, determined way of connecting is overpowering the grounded self that you are also trying to build? Maybe emotionally you are under the microscope? Maybe you are tired of being held down by someone else's' agenda and hidden agenda? It might be hard to truly connect if ulterior motives are at play.

An earth trine brings physical benefit. Pluto and Moon work together to ensure that you are on on track with the new reality, and that you are ready to start a new plan. Things are different now…

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