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Saturday February 17th 

Aquarius Venus conjunct Pluto

12:35 am PST/ 3:35 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 8 degrees

2:57 am PST/ 5:57 am EST

Venus conjuncts Pluto, after donning her Aquarian gown, she is ready for something different. This conjunction offers revelation, change, a desire for true intimacy even if it comes in weird packages. Pluto brings an intensity, potential fixation or jealousy to this Venus. There is a chance to reset the dials here. Is something just not working in your relationships? Is it you? Is there something inside trying to get out, like a bud breaking through a seed? 

Venus in Aquarius is weird, innovative, and rebellious. Venus conjunct Pluto is intense, transformational, sexy, obsessive, fixated and intellectually aware of everything around it. This conjunction is askin you your deepest desires, and who is or is not the object of your affection. Who will walk with you into your next chapter?

Moon squares Saturn. This is heavy energy, and emotional. This could feel like sadness and anxiety together. This could look like loss, and fear. This could feel like a frustration between our feelings and needs versus the emotional truth, work, and spiritual imperative we feel. Gemini Moon likes to talk and consult, but Pisces Saturn might take it deep and heavy, dissolving the ideas and making you feel instead. You could get some downloads from the deep that show you the path you are on, and the work you need to do.

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