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Saturday February 24th

Virgo Full Moon @ 5 degrees

4:30 am PST/ 7:30 am EST

Virgo Moon oppose Pisces Saturn @ 9 degrees

12:24 PST/ 3:24 EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 10 degrees

2:48 PST/ 5:48 EST

Aquarius Venus square Taurus Jupiter @ 10 degrees

7:47 pm PST/ 10:47 pm EST

Full Moon in Virgo is a chance to let go– or start the process of letting go. Something has ended, even if it’s not overt yet. It could be a way of thinking, or focus, for example. It could be a pattern of behaviour, or a relationship pattern. It could be a relationship, job, or project. No matter what, with all that Pisces energy beaming across to Moon, there is an expiration date. Something has reached completion. There is a chance for healing in this, but chances for healing do not show up as “healed.” There is work to get there, and you might be starting that journey now.

The full Moon is opposite Saturn and Mercury, so there is a greater theme or lesson here, about what you will be working on, and where we’ve been deluded or confused. Moon makes the exact opposition to Saturn. This will feel emotionally deflating and difficult. We might run against this idea of what will need to be healed. How have you been spending your time and emotional energy? Do adjustments need to be made?

Moons trine to Jupiter helps us more easily recognize our beliefs about what is real and tangible. Something is taking you to a deeper expansion, and security. What IS working for you and where do you feel yourself grow?

Venus squares Jupiter. Our values and relationships will be tested. This is a fixed square. Because of the astrology of the day, we see that our expansion and our changing beliefs may be at odds with some of our ideas about freedom in relationship, and our values. There may be a sticking point, and it may carry into our security with our own ways of seeing the world.  Our beliefs and values may be running against each other. How can you find your truth within it?

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