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Saturday January 13th

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

1:59 am PST/ 4:59 am EST

Mercury enters Capricorn

6:50 pm PST/ 9:50 pm EST

A fixed square with Uranus and Moon suggests that we are going to have to learn something and it might be frustrating. Taurus is slow, and Uranus is fast. This divine flash that we get with a Uranus moment might give us a big cognition, and Uranus rules this Moon. Aquarius Moon is high level and connected to the collective. It’s divine knowledge inherently knows what will be best for everyone. Does it know what’s best for itself? You could be facing a situation or new piece of information that has you wrestling about how to show up for yourself. 

Mercury enters Capricorn. This is a careful and poised placement for communication and thought. There is this idea of steps, checking boxes, and going over things. There’s an idea of success. There’s a cautiousness and carefulness to this way of thinking and communicating. We are more poised, less brash, and we take our time to think about what we will say. We are conscious about our reputation and how we are perceived and we will be strategic. This is how deals are made. This is how we make sure we did the groundwork. 

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