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Saturday January 20th

Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto @ 29 degrees

5:44 am PST/ 8:44 am EST

Taurus Moon trine Sun-Pluto conjunct @29 degrees

5:56 am PST/ 8:56 am EST

Sun enters Aquarius

6:08 am PST/ 9:08 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 5 degrees

3:30 pm PST/ 6:30 pm EST

Pluto in Aquarius until September 1st, 2024

4:56 pm PST/ 7:56 pm EST

Wow, today is a big deal. But the secret to life is to know that every second, every moment, is a big deal. Because it’s here. It’s now. To quote my friend Karmen, “we are mixed up meat bags!”

My movement teacher-- who escaped the Nazi’s by being in a commedia dell'arte troupe-- taught us tumbling and sword fighting, all the while a smoker of unfiltered cigarettes. He would say, if you hurt yourself: “at least you know you are alive!”

Sun conjunct Pluto will be the end or the final conclusion, or the closing, or the harvest, or the culmination of a long journey you have made, and you will feel it on a consciousness level. This is CURTAIN on some overarching cycle. We are at the end of something and we will be forced to pivot in some way.  This essentially will be about power. Your personal power, the powers that be, and the power that is emerging, fighting, holding, and striving. This is about power, and you are involved.

Moon adds benefit by trining this urgent call to action. Capricorn 29.29 is a throbbing thrust of energy. But Moon says we are going to feel this shift physically, and we will feel it with all of our “mixed up meat bags.” There is a sensitivity here in all of us, even those of us who run cold, calm, collected, and intellectual– will feel an eruption.

Something will erupt today. It can be internal, external, it can be emotional, spiritual, physical, mental. This is big work. And Moon says that we will feel it and it will likely be uncomfortable. We might feel insecure. How can you embody the power that is coming through you? What does it mean to do that? Who are you supposed to be?

Sun enters Aquarius, so now we get the vibe of everyone. We can feel what we are all doing and we understand that we have to work together, in a network, to make this work. We are conscious of what needs to innovate, or change, and we are ready to express ourselves through the motion of the collective. Aquarius struggles with ego because it can't truly  experience it without everyone else, and yet, it feels alone in it. This mind bumps all night.

Moon square Saturn. You are in it and you have work to do. You have needs. You have cycles. And this isn’t going to come easy, or even remotely soon. You will have to push further and keep going, and you will do it well. You are changing how you move through boundaries, borders, blocks. Artistically this is goldmine. It’s got a lot of beautiful oomph. Take your power and direct it in some way that is constructive. In some way that is kind.

Pluto arrives back in Aquarius and this energy today has us wondering. There is a transformation. There is a movement. Earth gives off to fixed air. We are going to sit in this for a while. This will be weird. We are technologically, and intellectually connected. If that’s true then we are going to be more responsible for the collective.  How can we live our lives if we need to consider everyone else, living their lives? Is that even possible? Who’s driving the boat? Who is the captain? How do we do this together?

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