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Saturday January 27th and Sunday January 28th

Saturday January 27th

Capricorn Mercury conjunct Mars @ 17 degrees

6:29 am PST/ 9:29 am EST

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees (Kite formation with Saturn at the top- Earth trine with Capricorn Venus and Taurus Jupiter at 6 degrees)

11:19 pm PST/ January 28th 2:19 am 

There is a solid foundation building, and potentially an expression of older ways in thought, action and conversations today. There is a need to ground in what’s familiar, and be careful, strategic, and purposeful in what you do and what you say. 

Something today speaks of fate. A kite formation forms with Saturn guiding this beneficial, but paradoxical energy. The grand earth trine will keep and ground into what’s familiar, even if it’s getting clearer and clearer that change is coming. Our natural reaction can be to go to a traditional, conservative, or habitual pattern. We can find ease, comfort and familiarity, even if this isn’t working.  This involves Jupiter, Venus, and Moon, so we are looking at our beliefs, our values, and the core of who we are. And might want to see something that felt less scary than what we’ve been growing into.

The minor triangle of this kite speaks to beliefs and values, yes, but also the work you are meant to do in the world. Your purpose, mastery and that thing you’ve been working on for decades. This is some big spiritual stuff that you are contending with, because Saturn in Pisces isn’t going to let you sell out. It’s going to keep lesson-ing you until you get it. You don’t get to fall into your ego, trauma, or old narratives on this one. You have to do the work.

The work: The work is about the opposition between Virgo Moon and Pisces Saturn. This opposition is between your emotional body, with its hyperawareness and perfectionistic tendencies, and the work and healing that you are here to do. If you want to heal the world: heal yourself. That’s the message here. And even if you don’t want to heal the world, you are being asked to dig deeper, absorb the emotional field, and let go of what isn’t important. The opposition will show up in a relationship or relationships. Something will need to be resolved. And it may not be. Fate is upon us.

Sunday January 28th

Kite continued: Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

1:09 am PST/ 4:09 am EST

Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus @ 19 degrees

1:01 pm PST/ 4:01 pm EST

Venus in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus @ 6 degrees

4:55 pm PST/ 7:55 pm EST

The Kite energy continues into today. A reorganization of our values, connections, beliefs, and how we feel those things in our body. We are doing deep emotional work within the collective field, but it is our stuff that we are tapping into. This might be tough.. Pisces Saturn will end things, put boundaries down, and make you work more at this. It might feel unfair or it might even just feel like emptiness. This energy can be scary because we need to be scared into knowing ourselves the way Pisces Saturn wants us to. Pisces Saturn wants to build us a framework of one-ness, and feel more of the collective as a whole. This energy will move you higher, and help you. But help often comes in uncomfortable packages.

Mercury trine Uranus means that we will get some sort of divine messaging or understanding and it may come in the form of a conversation or other flash of insight. Just know that something practical or resourceful will make itself known to you, and these things are always to move you forward.

Venus trine Jupiter is known as fortuitous. It speaks to value, connection and belief. We see it as great for money and love; where something becomes real and tangible that may not have been. Maybe we are clearer on what we actually want and value, or we understand that we have to work hard at something– and it’s worth it because of how much we love it. Maybe we solidify what we want. Maybe we get down to the brass tacks on what’s important and build from there. Whatever happens here, you can lean on what’s stable or sturdy.

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