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It's Hard to Escape When You're Backed into a Corner: Saturday March 9th

The only way to get out is through the window.
Trapped in a room.

Moon conjunct Saturn @ 10 degrees

10:22 am PST/ 1:22 pm EST

Aquarius Mars square Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

2:30 pm PST/ 5:30 pm EST

Mercury enters Aries 

8:03 pm PST/ 11:93 am EST

Moon conjunct Saturn. We are feeling responsible and things could feel somber today. We are getting close to the New Moon and there is a bottoming out of something in our social/ exterior life, there is an ending here. This could be more of a spiritual thing; but it could feel like loss or grief. The end of a delusion or the end of a dream. This Saturn is really letting things fall away, and this Moon will make us feel it. 

Mars square Uranus. This is spicy energy, and likely there will be something that sets off a chain of events or situation that could bring out rebellion, anger, urgency. This Mars wants liberation, and there is this impulse and desire to break free. It's hard to escape when you're backed into a corner. Something has been holding this desire back , and there might be a rushing need to take action, or move. Uranus rules this Mars, so there are underlying themes with food, security, receptivity, and working in this aspect. This is an accident prone time, so try to move through these hours with presence.

Mercury enters Aries- hurray for those of us who need to start making quick decisions, and need impetus to create lay plans. Mercury talks fast and thinks fast in Aries, this is good for sales and debates, Mercury gets animated here and full of exuberance. You may find your conversations more emphatic and fiery, and this can be great but also not so great. Keep in mind that with Aries Mercury words may also be unfiltered, and therefore more troublesome to the person receiving your thoughts.  Also keep in mind that you are in “lesson-ville” right now with Mercury, something is coming up that will need review, you’re in retrograde shadow territory. Something will come up around the way you communicate and think, and you’ll get worked around this subject well into April. Watch your words and thoughts, they are powerful tools that can be misused.

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