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Sun Conjunct Pluto: Endings, Power Shifts, and the Future

The Sun-Pluto conjunction on January 20th is going to be a supernova of energy. This conjunction isn’t a super rare aspect, it usually happens once a year. But this year it happens in the last degree of Capricorn and the planets then  continue to ingress into Aquarius together within hours of each other. That’s a big deal.

Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius is a world event, especially when conjunct the Sun. We did have a taste of Pluto in Aquarius last year between March 23rd and June 11th. That’s when AI grew by leaps and bounds. After January 20th, Pluto will remain in Aquarius until September 1st, and then dip back into Capricorn for one last kick at the can. The energy goes from cardinal earth to fixed air. 

Part of what makes this conjunction in Capricorn such a big deal is that it is at an anaretic 29 degrees. There is an urgency to this point, and you may feel this in many ways. Astrologers equate Pluto in Capricorn to late stage capitalism and resource based economy. They equate it to hierarchies and patriarchy, and maintaining the status quo. Also the institutions that we have in place. We've seen upticks and backlashes of those wanting control. Those losing control.

This intense vibe is there to make sure you finish up your mission of Pluto in Capricorn. That could be a variety of things; and would depend on where Capricorn is in your chart, and also any planets that may aspect. You may have felt the mounting pressure of this change coming.

Pluto is known as a transpersonal and generational planet. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008.

So-- while Pluto’s energy will be felt on a global scale, through the plight of humanity, it will also affect you personally. Aquarius is a sign of rebellion and revolution, technological advances, and distributed power (rather than hierarchical.) Aquarius draws its power through the collective, and Aquarius loves change. A lot of fear has been placed on AI and technology advances, which can point to this new energy. There are always shadow aspects and drawbacks to any sign, Aquarius included. But of course there are beautiful aspects of this new intelligent energy. 

We are coming to a completion and an ending here. The Sun is our personal consciousness, and Pluto is an initiator and the motion that will bring this close. Pluto turns up the soil so we can see what’s there. Pluto will burn what needs to go. Pluto’s work is destructive, but what Pluto deals in is power. This is ultimately a major power shift. The balance of power will change. In your life and in the collective. 

Whatever is clearing out of your life now is supposed to go.

That's a toughie. We don't want to let go.

There’s been a lot of relationship work here of late with the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra. Pluto does his thing and relationships will follow suit. There may be a shift in the types of people you want to surround yourself with; or you may see a pattern– born of trauma– that you can’t unsee. This could feel spikey, and likely you have already been feeling this pressure mounting. If there are people you are losing from your life-- they are supposed to go. They weren’t serving your purpose, and you weren’t serving theirs's. It's no small thing to watch a relationship die, or end. This is tough work.

It could be that something ends with the way you are in relationship with someone instead of ending the relationship itself. A massive shift could happen and make things change. But the shift is necessary. And will happen if it needs to.

What are you keeping and what are you leaving behind? Your home, job, location, or lifestyle could change-- not just today, but as the transit of Pluto ushers in this energy. You may notice these changes coming, or the internal shifts. New information could come to light that makes everything different. You could find yourself in whole new arena. Your life as you know it might look very different soon. That’s a hard one to take in– but to make it in the new frontier, we’re going to have to adapt to new circumstances and new ways of being.

Who and what is coming with you into the future?

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