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Sunday April 16th

Pisces Moon square Gemini Venus @ 6 degrees

1:58 am PST/ 4:58 am EST

Pisces Moon trine Cancer Mars @ 11 degrees

10:48 am PST/ 1:48 pm EST

Pisces Moon makes a mutable square with Gemini Venus. How are we changing the way we work with our emotions and connections? What information is overwhelming us? How does it affect the way we show up with others? Are we emotionally connecting or caught up in a whirlwind? Pisces Moon is psychic and aware, Gemini Venus is curious and chatty. But are we rooted in facts or fantasy? It’s easy to slide into things with this energy without realizing what we are doing. Maybe we enjoy the fantasy, the ideas of what’s happening. Or, perhaps we are attracted to the duality of the situation– interested in exploring the darkness and light?

Pisces Moon works well with the Cancer Mars energy– loving compassion and kindness are on the menu today. These words “loving compassion” and “kindness” sound great and flowery. Real compassion and kindness can sometimes test you to your limits. It can confuse, hurt, and scare you. Loving compassion asks us to forgive people who have deeply hurt us because we understand their trauma. This is the energy that tells us to “not take the bait” when someone wants to bring us into drama. This energy is emotionally intelligent.

Cancer Mars is protective, especially when it comes to home, family, those we love. It is emotional, and turbulent, but fiercely committed to creating safety. Pisces Moon is receptive, empathic, and felt in the body. Together they work towards some serious higher-self moment. The together might help you find your words, your limits, your direction, or your creativity. This is deep work. You are the master of your feelings and how they direct out into the world. Protect yourself but do no harm.

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