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Sunday February 18th

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Mercury @ 21 degrees

3:19 am PST/ 6:19 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

12:27 pm PST/ 3:27 pm EST

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Sun @ 29 degrees

7:19 pm PST/ 10:19 pm EST

Sun enters Pisces

8:13 pm PST/ 11:13 pm EST

Remember we are feeling the newness of this Venus/Pluto conjunction separating but the Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction is applying. That means we are learning a lot about relationships. There may be an intense or possibly sexual, taboo, kinky edge to what is emerging. There may be a clarity of what is not working, or what is coming with us into the future. Relationships could be beginning, ending, or transforming as we feel called to a kind of freedom, intelligence, and overall field of being. 

Meanwhile the applying Chiron/ North Node conjunction is getting hot in Aries. There is pain, and there is our future, and there is our identity and sense of self. We feel alone in it, and yet everyone has this transit, while not sharing the same wound. This plugs into the conjunction above, because This conjunction is opposite the South Node that is Libra, the sign of relationships., Venus rules Libra, and Mars rules Aries. So this is connected.

Moon trines Mercury. Air trines are helpful for understanding a lot at once. The anxiety may settle to something calmer. Communication is for the good of all, Gemini Moon will find a way to relate and explain. 

Moon squares Neptune. Mutable squares usher in change. Moon may want to talk, and flit about, collect as much knowledge about a situation to feel informed while Neptune will make this confusing, unknowable, or misleading. It’s possible to feel victimised or imbibe too much of something. Mistakes from the pressure and reduced inhibitions are possible.

Moon trines Sun, and this is another lovely Moon moment, where we truly understand something, and we speak from truth. Both Moon and Sun are at the 29th degrees of their respective signs, so we can really tap into some divine knowledge or conversation if-- we allow it. Stay cognizant of what is happening internally and around you, and you may find yourself with some big wisdom.

Like that, it’s Pisces season. Pisces is the last sign, the sign of the fish, poetry, dreams, dissolution, altered states, victims, martyrs, and endings. We are closing up a zodiac year with Pisces. 

During Pisces season, it may be hard to see clearly. With heavy-hitters Saturn and Neptune in this sign, our Pisces house will feel a little heavy, confusing, or difficult to comprehend. Emotions can feel all-encompassing for some of us. Pisces season favors art and spirituality. It lives in a borderless psychic realm, where you can feel what’s happening, for good or bad. Pisces seems invisible because it is porous. It soaks into you rather than running through you, and it lacks boundaries. It’s easy to get deluded or diluted in this energy, because Pisces has smoke and mirrors. With Sun in Pisces, we’ll get a taste of the vastness of the newness that we have laid down in Aquarius season. Whatever groundwork has be laid, we will face the infiniteness of the unknowable future.

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