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Sunday February 4th

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

9:18 am PST/ 12:18 pm EST

Mercury enters Aquarius

9:10 pm PST/ February 5th 12:10 am EST

Moon square Saturn. This feels like the cosmic fun police. This is a wet blanket on our enthusiasm, there is a feeling heavy versus light. Sagittarius Moon has high hopes and ideals. Pisces Saturn has more lessons than Yoda. There is growth for you here, but perhaps frustration out in the world. Perhaps also you might be overshooting your arrow. Have you been overconfident or too idealistic about something? To the point of delusion? Or have you seen a big truth so big and so vast that you don’t know if you want your arrow to shoot that way anymore? Remember, Saturn likes to teach us lessons, and Moon makes us feel them. 

Mercury enters Aquarius. Mercury does well in this fixed air sign, because it loves air, but it will likely talk less, or talk in riddles, or redirections. There is this idea of the high level, bigger picture. There is this idea of how ridiculous everything is, and how much better it could be, and this Mercury understands the group, collective, and systems. This Mercury believes in taking the unconventional route, and can detach from outcomes. It cares for humanity and ideals, but doesn’t care for rules or the status quo. How can you harness this power of considering the people, for yourself? How can you make breakthroughs without showing your cards?

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