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Sunday January 14th

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 4 degrees

2:49 am PST/ 5:49 EST

Sagittarius Venus trine Aries North Node @ 19 degrees

2:39 pm PST/ 5:39 pm EST

Moon conjunct Saturn says that we probably will feel responsible and some sort of imperative about what needs happen. Our body, cycles, needs are telling us how we must be responsible, and we have a spiritual, creative, and how we can’t bring our bull$*it with us. Pisces Saturn is not giving us any free-drinks passes. You are at the end of the marathon. And honestly, the whole marathon was focused on the end of the marathon. That’s the money shot. Make sure that you embrace the work you are being asked to do.

Venus trines North Node. This is some bonfire-in-the-forest action. What are you cooking in that cauldron? There is this idea of your idealism and optimism about your connections. Who are you hanging with right now? Are they the answer to your prayers? Are they saying the right things? Are they showing you a path?

There is a path rolling out to show us where we are supposed to go. We are following it. It is our future talking to us.  It might feel weird. We are ordained to follow some direction. There might be some wreckage, and this won’t feel comfortable. But sometimes, there is no choice but to move forward.

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