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Bottoming Out So We Can Create Something New: Transits for Sunday March 10th

A person sitting in a drainpipe.
Where do I go from here?

New Moon in Pisces @ 20 degrees

12:59 am PST/ 3:59 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

11:45 am PST/ 2:45 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Mercury @ 1 degree

7:15 pm PST/ 10:15 pm EST

This New Moon has us questioning everything. There has been a profound emptying in our lives, a dissolve. This is difficult to contend with, and sometimes we can get stuck in trying to understand why. No one wants to sit in emptiness, and yet if you were to build something magnificent, you’d likely want to start from scratch rather than using whatever is lying around.  And maybe there is some shrapnel lying around, and you can use it, but essentially, this is a brand new game. 

Nothingness and void are pretty intense to experience. But all creativity will start from this place. We find ourselves bottoming out so we can create something new. So there is a purpose, a value, and reason. But also, the grand emptying is always there, ready to remind you. Make your intentions if you can, they are magically blessed tonight.

Moon conjunct Neptune. You are in the thick of it, your body feels this grief and movement. There’s potential for inebriation, confusion, and being lost. This is a quick transit and touches the ocean of emotion. 

Moon conjunct Mercury, there is a burst of flame, through our instincts, our thoughts, our conversations. There is potential for big feelings coming in hot, there’s potential for impassioned conversations turning into arguments, there’s potential for sexy stuff to happen.  Body and mind are one, and there is an impulse in this energy to start something. What are you starting?

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