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Thursday April 6th

Libra Moon opposes Aries Jupiter @ 20 degrees

5:43 am PST/ 8:43 pm EST

Yod: Libra Moon is apex @ 23-26 degrees; inconjunct Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees and Taurus Venus @ 24-27 degrees

10:20 am- 6:10 pm PST/ 1:20 pm- 9:10 pm EST

Taurus Mercury conjunct North Node @ 5 degrees

4:28 pm PST/ 7:28 pm EST

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

11:54 pm PST/ April 7th 2:54 am EST

Libra Moon is not finished with us after yesterday. We still have a relationship and wounding hangover as some more waves roll over us. Moon has some more work to do. Our beliefs about ourselves and our relationships are coming into question. Who are we in these relationships? Do you believe that you can achieve balance or equality when considering other people, other feelings? Is there room for you to change and grow within the container of partnership?

The Yod provides a mechanism for you to really go through this. Yods are the energy of Chiron, and we just had a Chiron conjunction with the Sun yesterday. Pisces Neptune and Taurus Venus (both in domicile, and both two octaves of love) are supporting this lesson. Pisces Neptune is delivering confusion and compassion, a huge dilation into the all-ness of the ocean. This love is the basis of creation and humanity. It’s so big you can’t fathom it. Taurus Venus is delivering secure, solid, and concrete reception and connection. This is based on what's real, and what you can taste, touch and smell.

Both are lending different flavors of compassion to point you to your Libra Moon work. Libra Moon wants love too. How can you be in partnership with others while loving yourself. How can you be fair and balanced, to your body and soul, while delivering the depth of love you want to?

This hurts for many reasons. We do not always know how to love ourselves. We do not always know how to allow love to change forms. We do not always know how to take rejection from another.

Taurus Mercury conjuncts the North Node to tell us where we are on our sacred path. Your thought processes are deliberate and careful, and you are trying to make sense of all this. What have you learned in the last 2 days about love? What have you learned about yourself, your identity and how you love? Have you been slower and more intentional about what and how you communicate? What is different now?

We say goodbye to Libra Moon and say hello to Scorpio Moon, which squares Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto rules this moon and will have its way with us. Our bodies may feel tender, and our hearts shattered. We may just feel stuck. We just did a lot of Chiron work to warm up to this moment. What have you learned about who you are in the world, what needs to be eliminated, and where you might be going? Scorpio Moon says we will feel this in the body.

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