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Thursday December 21st

Aries Moon trine Sagittarius Mars @ 19 degrees

12:23 am PST/ 3:23 am EST

Aries Moon conjunct North Node @ 22 degrees

5:52 am PST/ 8:52 am EST

Aries Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

5:10 pm PST/ 8:10 pm EST

Aries Moon trine Sagittarius Sun @ 29 degrees

6:46 pm PST/ 9:46 pm EST

Dec. 21st SOLSTICE Sun enters Capricorn 

7:28 pm PST/ 10:28 pm EST

We start the day with an inspirational fire trine between Moon and Mars. The way your energy is directed will have oomph coming from within. Your body is on board, and there are pistons firing. How can you harness moments of inspiration for yourself?

This day is building to something sacred for everyone on the planet. This is the deepest we plunge into the darkness this year, and we allow the darkness to cocoon us if you are in the Northern hemisphere.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere you will be blinded by the lightest day of the year, and ready for a slow fade of the wide open of consciousness.  There is a LOT of beneficial earth and fire trine energy today–  keeping us real, and keeping us aiming higher. 

Aries Moon conjuncts the North Node/ opposes the South Node in Libra. You are being moved into your new role, your new identity. You have in some way created a new self to emerge through this threshold. This knowledge comes through your flesh and bones and can be felt from within. It’s not a mental shift, it’s a physical one. We tend to live in our brains a lot when our bodies know things; what’s your body telling you?

Moon square Pluto- this transit is quick but it’s warming you up for the threshold you will walk through. Aries Moon is our child body, and Capricorn Pluto is the change that must come, whether we want it or not. There is an urgency to this transformation, that wants you to change what you are doing and will blow something up to do it. This square is initiatory, asking you to pick up something, what will it be? How can you respond to “in your face” complications breathing down your neck– without selling your integrity down the river? 

The fire trine between Moon and Sun is warming you up for solstice (pun intended.) You are working from a high vantage point, with the energy of the anaretic degrees of fire saying “this  is who you actually are. This is what you are about.” If you don’t get fireworks, don’t be surprised. You already had all that fire in you. You already have been on your mission for years and years. You are no beginner. You spend your days perfecting what you are, and that is a beautiful, complicated, and nuanced animal. You forget it, but you are MAGIC: all the time. You are fireworks. The art project that is YOU, is already in medias res.

Sun enters Capricorn and we have plunged as deep into the shadows, or the sunlight as we will for the year. Tomorrow at 10:47 am PST/ 1:47 pm EST the Sun will swallow the Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn to begin a very new cycle for all of us.  The projects and mind work that is born from this place will usher in a new era. And with Sun in Capricorn we finally hit a place of supreme depth to pull out the truth of who we are at our core.

What internal light are you ready to show? What light has come to its natural pinnacle, and now must learn to shine less brightly? A collective breath is taken through this threshold, and we are going to continue our magic, which feels hard/ impossible/ inconsequential in the face of the horrible things going on in the world. You possess something beautiful and vital to this life thing we're doing, don’t you want to see where this ends up?

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