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Thursday February 15th

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Mercury @ 17 degrees

12:34 pm PST/ 3:34 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 19 degrees

4:25 pm PST/ 7:25 pm EST

Moon squares Mercury. When our feelings are in a scrimmage with our mind, it can put us in a real pickle. For some of us, our feelings and brains coalesce into a narrative. Our minds are Aquarian, so they are more high level and objective in their thinking. Also, we can’t ignore the impulse of liberation in all of this. Our minds are oriented to breaking free, but our emotional body wants security. It wants there to be solidity, comfort, good food, a safe place to have feelings. You may feel torn between these two impulses today. Fixed squares make us feel really stuck, but they help us clarify what we want.

Not to worry, Moon conjuncts Uranus for some emotional shakeup. You know when you’re in a situation and something happens that starts a whole chain of events? Have you ever been able to feel what’s going to happen, or feel what is going on without it being explained? Uranus will provide a full program download that can be felt. Uranus will provide some divine information, but there’s no way to say what. Kristin Fontana spoke of this in a recent talk where she said that Uranus delivers repressed impulses, past memories (including past life memories), and abstract information that pertains to the larger future. The purpose is to move us forward. 

This is a quick transit, but it provides more of that Uranian energy (which is akin to Aquarius energy.) This might be an awesome or happy realisation. But it also might not. Whatever it is, its purpose is to point you in the direction freedom from what binds.

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