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Thursday February 1st

Libra Moon square Capricorn Mercury @ 24 degrees

1:03 am PST/ 4:03 am EST

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

1:20 pm PST/ 4:20 pm EST

Welcome to February.  There’s lots of astrology in store for us this month, but we have a few days until kickoff.

Moon squares Mercury and you’re in a challenge between what you need and what’s being said. Or what you know. You’ll have a hard time deciding, this is a cardinal square but the energy isn’t quick, it’s deliberate. Don’t get into conversations that you really don’t want to have. There’s definitely a way of getting looped in here, try not to be. 

Moon square Pluto. What’s going on for you with Pluto? Have you felt a shift in your Aquarian house? Your body and experience is of deep sensitivity in this brief square. Pluto is here to do some transforming, initiating, and destroying in Aquarius, and the Moon in Scorpio will have a very intense directed feeling. This transit brings something to light, and there is an emotional and even compulsive response. This energy won’t bring out our best selves. Whatever is coming up today, it wants to be felt, and those feelings could be difficult to process. But do try to feel those feelings in the safest way possible. Your emotions are a compass for you. They are telling you something you need to know.

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