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Thursday February 22nd

T-square: Taurus Jupiter is apex @ 10 degrees, square Leo Moon @ 10 degrees, and square Mars and Venus in Aquarius @ 7 degrees

1:38 am PST/4:38 am EST

Mercury enters Pisces

11:29 pm PST/ February 23rd 2:29 am EST

T-square has us looking at our beliefs with a tension built between our feelings and values. There has been some relationship tension with the opposition with Moon and Venus, Leo Moon has big feelings and Aquarius Mars and Venus want freedom. This tension will have us contending with our own templates and scripts, how we expand this so that we can understand other points of view, and how we can love those that experience their feelings and drives differently. Some keep their cool, others explode, but it takes faith to really work through these issues, and that is the rub. Do you have faith? This is a fixed T-square, there is stubbornness in all corners, and likely strong opinions and perspectives in either camp. Can you grow together? It may mean concessions will need to be made.

Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of its fall, which is great energy for poetry and a direct line to the divine. Mercury here is compassionate, intuitive, and musical. Mercury here doesn’t speak or think in concrete sentences as much as images, sound, and feelings. It understands through other senses, and speaks in romance, riddles, or narratives. What Mercury lacks in clarity here it gains in symbolism, impression, and creative output. It lives in the other dimension, and its wisdom is its impressionistic qualities. This Mercury is here for the ride, and will take whatever ride is peddled. This is a beautiful transit to find inner and spiritual knowledge, or to work with your art. Not as great for big tests, and detailed math problems. Be careful with boundaries and try notice any things that don't feel right. There is a vulnerability to this Mercury, so it’s helpful to stay solid with a practice that grounds you. Or a nice warm shower or bath is always a good option.

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