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Thursday February 8th 

Aquarius Sun square Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

3:05 am PST/ 6:05 am EST

Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto @ 0 degrees

6:56 am PST/ 9:56 am EST

Aquarius Moon conjunct Mercury @ 5 degrees

3:24 PM PST/ 6:24 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 8 degrees

7:09 pm PST/ 10:09 pm EST

Sun square Uranus. Uranus will deliver change, the kind that is meant to uplevel you. But also the kind that is jarring. Sun is your ego, consciousness and identity. It’s good to be grounded with this Aquarian Sun, which wants to fly. A fixed square will cause you to experience tension between yourself and the outside world. Taurus Uranus will make it a reality based lesson. Aquarius Sun will deliver some sort of understanding of imminent change. Of course change is often experienced with discomfort, and knowing that change is coming can cause a degree of anxiety.

Moon conjuncts Pluto to show us where and how we are transforming, and where we are power-shifting. Your body is involved in this conjunction, Pluto is extracting a strength we didn’t know we had. This is at a pure degree of 0 in Aquarius, so we are getting a taste of where we are headed. Do you feel more powerful lately? More vulnerable? Have you found yourself grasping for something? Have you found yourself moving on?

Now Moon conjuncts Mercury, so more knowledge, conversation, and learning will be in sync with our needs and cycles. We are sensitive to what’s in the air and in the field, we are attuned to a greater whole and can feel the buzz. If we are part of social groups, we may feel something getting louder.

Finally we have Moon square Jupiter. There is some kind of conflict between your physical self, your needs, your emotional regulation; and your beliefs, your excesses or aggrandized ideas, your desire to expand and learn, and your social circle.  There’s something about feeling weird, alone, or hiding in a crowd versus feeling ready to work, keep going, and find security. This is a quick transit that will have you questioning things. Today has some wild cards and some slight of hands. We are moving towards a New Moon in a few days, as this lunar cycle is coming to a close.

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