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Thursday January 25th

T square: Taurus Jupiter at apex @ 6 degrees, Full Moon in Leo (inconjunct Pisces Saturn) @ 5 degrees

9:53 am PST/ 12:53 pm PST

So this full moon has enough to pack a punch today. We are focused on how we expand, and we are focused on our beliefs. But we arrive at it differently. We arrive at it from a confrontation between our body and soul. And what does that mean? Sun is in Aquarius doing its absolute best to maintain an idea of solidity when everything feels messed up. Moon in Leo is asking, how can I be “me” within this? How can I help everyone survive this? This isn’t clear cut at all, because also Moon is in full inconjunct with the taskmaster in Pisces. Somehow, that guy (who is Yoda, or Mr. Miagi- got a ticket in, and we don’t know why he’s at the party, he doesn’t belong here, but boy is he ever going to teach us some lessons about being a human.

This energy is here to help you learn and improve. We cannot ignore this applying square with our minds and energetic output versus our wounded selves, and the work we must be here to do. There is something here today to bring you to a better standpoint, but it will involve your authenticity and honesty. Jupiter has ideals about how it can be, but Saturn wants you to know what is. That’s tough stuff to go through. Full Leo Moon energy is a big deal on its own because it's about our heartwork.

Somehow you have tried to show up, or wanted to, or wanted to love someone, and it hasn’t been easy because they are crazy, or weird, or problematic. And perhaps the reason you want to love them is because everyone deserves love. Or perhaps it’s a dominant pattern that hurts you, and that hurt is so familiar you want to keep doing it because it makes you feel like you know what to do.

I can’t tell you who or how to love. I can tell you that you are getting a lesson here. And you are getting it for a solid month. And part of the lesson is about your personal resources. Your mind, focus, energy and will. Something is going to initiate a change with that, and also, it’s going to intensify.

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