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Thursday, January 4th

Mars enters Capricorn 

6:59 am PST/ 9:59 am EST

Libra Moon conjunct South Node @ 20 degrees

1052 am PST/ 1:52 pm EST

Energy directed through Mars is a beautiful thing, and right now we all should harness the beauty of Mars in Capricorn. It does so well in this sign of intention and manifestation. Mars has plans in Capricorn and knows how to lay it out. There is strategy, steps, there is planning. Mars in Capricorn knows how to focus the whole family on the prize! We all will win!! But we gotta take these steps…

Moon conjunct South Node means that we will have a relationship moment. There is the energy of what’s good for everyone and also “how can I ruin everything with my bad habit, thing, cycle?” Something is coming into conflict about how I say we must work in relationship and how also, this has always been done. We will uncover or see something.

Look, it’s easy to feel bad because you see the chips fall and you know that you have been given a template, and someone tells you to change. It’s easy to feel adrift.


But love is what you do. You are very skilled at loving the awkward, the weirdo, the spikey soul. You have energy to give, and and honestly, you have some stuff to process, don’t you?

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