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Thursday November 23rd

Sagittarius Sun square Pisces Saturn @ 0 degrees

1:27 am PST/ 4:27 am EST

Mars enters Sagittarius

2:15 am PST/ 5:15 am EST

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 15 degrees

12:25 pm PST/ 3:25 pm EST

Aries Moon opposite Libra Venus @ 17 degrees

2:53 pm PST/ 5:53 pm EST

Sun squaring Saturn might make things a little serious. Pisces Saturn might be a wet blanket on the enthusiasm of Sun wanting to shoot off, far, and forward. It might be hard to cut an angle with reality staring us in the face, and we might have to contend with some discomfort between our personalities and how we must be in the world.

Mars enters Sagittarius. Mars is fiery in this optimistic, expansive and restless. Let’s talk about restlessness. The mutable vibe is coming with a full moon on order. This Mars goes to extremes and when it doesn’t know what to do it might shoot indiscriminately at the most shiny, interesting, compelling or alluring thing. Let’s remember that we all have beliefs and that pushing them on others might not be received well. But also beliefs are how we connect, so it can always go either way.

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron means we are going to feel the burn today. Where do we feel shame and where does it come from? How does it relate to our identity, our body, and our ability to be in the world? Who are you when you are wounded, and how can you transmute your pain into a way to help others?

Moon opposes Venus. There’s going to be a full on push/pull, with our relationships. This is a grapple for tension, but in all kinds of ways, connection, selfhood, balance, harmony, needs, expressions. There may be a tantrum, there may be a seduction, there may be art, there may be fast cars. We are leveling out our feelings about each other and who we are with each other.

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