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Thursday November 30th

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 15 degrees

4:31 am PST/ 7:31 am EST

Cancer Moon square Aries North Node/ Libra South Node @ 23 degrees

8:06 pm PST/ 11:06 pm EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees

10:08 pm PST/ Dec. 1st 1:08 am EST

There are feelings all over the place as we contend with our role as hurt and healer. This is a daunting place to be. If you are chronically in the role of receiving trust violations, boundary violations, and tests to your humanity, it’s sometimes hard to see out of the crab shell/ cocoon you’ve built around your heart. Chiron says there’s a point but it may be hard to see that. The wound you feel has no beginning and no end. Outside circumstances will remind you of this.

The point is: Moon is showing how to integrate the past with the future with its square to the Nodes. There is a past you that got the wound, built the cocoon, and found places in your body to hide the grief. The past may make you susceptible to a certain type of person. The person replays your wound scenario for you. One day you hope to escape it by reliving it. This, of course, will never work. There is the future you that needs the grief to drain, the power to emerge, and the evolved self to step into your destiny. Replaying with another is self sabotage. Stepping into your power– on your own– is the only way out.

Moon trines Neptune to provide healing waters. It might not be today that you escape the patter, but you may find subtle responses to your deeply held patterns or a dissolving of the wound for today. Altered states may assist as a balm in the spikiest of moments. It’s ok, we all do replays with our past.

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