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Tuesday December 26th

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 2 degrees

12:29 pm PST/ 3:29 pm EST

Full Moon in Cancer @ 4 degrees 

4:32 pm PST/ 7:32 pm EST

Today is about healing. Today is a breakthrough. There might be something difficult that you are facing but you’re doing it with aplomb. We are taking in tough lessons about our maternal line, about our meaning in the world, about the very hard work we continue to do. It’s a lot and it hurts and yet we still prevail. Loving is radical. It might just be worth it if it hurts. 

We come to a beautiful culmination of Mother/Father, birthing, wholeness, creativity, protection, home. This is the moment we all need to really understand why we had the year we had and what on earth is happening. Our great ancestor lets us know that we can create a safe and beautiful thing. 

There is something coming into being. It’s like the first mock-up. It wants to be born, but it also wants to be worked on. It’s not ready, but you’re doing great.  It might not be clear at the moment.

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