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Tuesday February 13th

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 16 degrees

8:21 am PST/ 11:21 am EST

Aries Moon conjunct North Node/ opposite South Node in Libra @ 16 degrees

9:01 am PST/ 12:01pm

Mars conjuncts Pluto

10:02 pm PST/ February 14th 1:02 pm EST

When Moon conjuncts Chiron, we are going to have feelings. This relationship- focused Nodal axis is making things pretty tough between some of us. Aries is our individuality, and we are being pulled into what it means to be ourselves, as a call from the future. Libra is our relationships with others, and it is an echo or pattern we enact from our past. 

There are losses. 

There are disappointments. 

There are endings. 

You may find yourself looking around and wondering where everyone went.

You may find yourself wishing everyone would go away. 

Back to Moon conjunction Chiron. You are feeling it. There is something to heal here– for you to move forward. Chiron is linked to your DNA. This conjunction is about you– not them. There is some message coming from within to tell you something. This is important information to carry through the day.

Moon conjuncts North Node, opposes South Node. This push/pull of whichever relationships hurt most right now bring us face to face with our past and future. Where are you on this journey? Do you have a glimpse of who you’ve become? You are not the same as you were, are you?

Ideally you get emotionally honest with yourself, so you can be honest with others. Moon will help with this, because Moon is linked to our ancestry, especially on our mother’s side, and our emotional body. Moon will tell you where you are going, and where you are coming from.

Mars conjuncts Pluto at the purest degree of Aquarius. Our primal instinct meets transpersonal energy. There is force, determination, and transformation possible. There are explosions and obliterations possible. In Aquarius, this could look like rebellion, this is the kind of thing that could erupt on social media or within our communities. This is big energy, wanting an outlet. We might surprise ourselves with our shadow behaviour, or perhaps with our strength. 

Ultimately, today is about power. The power we have within, and how we use it. Tread carefully. Act in integrity.

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