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Tuesday February 20th

Cancer Moon square North Node and Chiron in Aries and South Node in Libra @ 16 degrees

3:33 am PST/ 6:33 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

10:36 pm PST/ February 21st 1:36 am EST

Moon is halfway between the Nodes. Moon is emotional and protective. You may feel the need to hide or go within. It’s been quite a month with more in store, and you’ve been asked to really step into some karmic path. Chiron is related to abandonment and rejection. We could be experiencing this from people we love, from our own body, from a social safety net, or from an entire community. Your flavour of wound has taken you to a point where you have no choice but to move forward. Moon recognizes your need to feel safe, guarded, and in some sort of barricaded lair.  But this is also a chance to start anew, with a new way of thinking, being, and loving. Don’t abandon yourself.

A healing water trine with Moon and Neptune invites us to remember that water is medicine. How can you engage with water today that is accessible? Can you drink it and ask it for healing? Have a hot (or cold) shower to enliven or relax? Can you put your feet in an ocean, stream, or lake and feel its lifeforce? Perhaps it’s time to bathe a pet, sponge off a plant, or clean a favorite pair of shoes? Maybe you just need to allow yourself time to sit and cry? Rainfall is calling you. Water is life, it’s a balm, and it is here to help you make sense of your feelings. It has a message for you if you engage with it in the most humble and present of ways. 

It’s Pisces season. As structures fall, as our old world crumbles, we are following suit. We are ending a cycle and with that, our expectations of how the world works. We no longer believe  what we believed only a few months ago. It’s time to dream, meditate and “take it to the mat.” It’s time to paint, write poetry, and set up our altar. There are losses to face, and yet some version of you remains. Many of our structures only exist in our head, and we are contending with a rapid rate of change. It’s a sharp feeling to know what you must let go of.

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