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Tuesday January 30th

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

12:41 am PST/ 3: 41 am EST

YOD: Libra Moon as apex 6-9 degrees, inconjunct Taurus Jupiter @ 7 degrees, and Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

12:53 pm PST/ 3:53 PM EST (a couple of hours)

Libra Moon square Capricorn Venus @ 9 degrees

7:31 pm PST/ 10:31 pm EST

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Sun @ 10 degrees

10:03 pm PST/ January 31st 1:03 am EST

Today Libra Moon is asking you to consider your emotional response to your relationship. We are gearing up for a lot of heart work, and that’s because we need to heal before we go changing the world for the better. There’s stuff we need to understand about how we do relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but others in general.

We start out with an earth trine of the intellectual and totally curious type. Learning is paramount under this vibe and so is evolution. There’s a sexy destructive smart underlay to this energy. What are you carrying into the future? How are your relationships a part of what you are building? 

This yod says we we need to consider and feel the relationship, one-on-one thing for bit and come to some place with it.  What is that place? Where do you put this?

You may have to work with your belief system about how the world works, practically. You might have this weird showdown between who you are in the world, and what you are doing, and how you are trying to be, and also- how’s that going for you? Yods have Chiron energy and force us to look at how we use our tools for the greater good. Yods are asking us to refine our tools.  Libra Moon will express the mediation and negotiation, but will anything resolve? Will we balance for real, or pretend we are balanced so that we don’t upset the apple cart? We have a few weeks to really figure this out with the upcoming Chiron and North Node conjunction. We are feeling this.

Moon square Venus. Emotions are wanting to balance with connections and value. We want to hold something close, but what are we holding? Is it changing? Did we know what we were holding? There is this idea of making things even and peaceful and this idea of how you are valued, when the lights and cameras are off. Stripped down. How are you valued? Emotionally this is a sticking point.

The air trine says we can easily gain understanding and ideas, we can dilate to a big download. Sun and Moon working together in such a way give us a very cohesive experience of our selfhood. We get to really see what we can do, and process, understand, and share information. This is the energy that ensures that someone gets the message in the bottle. We need to understand our deeper issues with others in relationships, because it helps us to know our role in humanity.

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