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Tuesday January 9th

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries North Node @ 20 degrees

1:34 am PST/ 4:34 am EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Pisces Mercury @ 25 degrees

9:27 am PST/ 12:27 pm EST

Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus @ 19 degrees

4:06 pm PST/ 7:06 pm EST

Capricorn Mars sextile Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

6:18 pm PST/ 9:18 pm EST

I missed the square yesterday between Mercury and Neptune, and my own experience of this transit has been a full body experience of confusion. Part of the reason I missed it, is I have been disorientated. That murkiness gets into some tender places of what to believe and who to believe in. It dismantles my ability to be certain about my thoughts, and when you are in an emergent crisis, this is a difficult space to be in. Putting that here for anyone having a hard time making sense of what is happening. Mercury square Neptune is a lot of confusion.

Moon trines the North Node. We will feel a beneficial pull and sense of self moving forward. This is something that happens with ease and bravado, and it is going to be a personal triumph that likely won’t look like such a thing. Sometimes just getting out of bed, or leaving the house, or having a shower is a personal triumph. Sometimes when we are low, a personal triumph doesn’t feel at all like an achievement. But it is. Can you see where you have done that?

Sun trine Uranus. A beneficial earth trine with our sense of self getting a divine flash of insight. There will be new information for our egos/identity to contend with. This can come a variety of ways, but there will probably be some very mundane or practical vehicle for this lesson. The sock on the floor. Something on the credit card statement. Seeing someone’s interaction with someone else. Those little moments that tell you something that was important for you to know.

I don’t usually get into sextiles but this is Mars and Saturn. There is something you can do to get to the important place that you are going to. You can deliberately take action or work towards what you are mastering. There is something in your Pisces Saturn lesson that will get a little action, and it will be easy to do. Pisces Saturn is asking for you to roll in the deep, so remember this can be some big emotional work that you are asked to do with this beneficial energy. If you catch the wind in your sail, you’ll get somewhere with it. 

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