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Starting to Feel the Signs of Awakening: Astrology Transits for Tuesday March 12th

A priestess alchemizes flame from the water.
We make something from where there is nothing.

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

7:56 pm PST/ 10:56 pm EST

Pisces season is in its home stretch now, and that means that we are in transition. With Mercury in Aries, we are starting to feel the rebirth vibe, and a small warming up. It’s subtle because we still have heavy hitters in Pisces, and Venus just joined the party. But there is some degree of opening and it's giving us hope. We are starting to feel the signs of awakening.  

It may be hard to hope right now. A lot has changed. Or– we could feel like everything is compassionate, in balance, and spiritually aligned. It may be easy to hope right now, because maybe compassion, romance, and passion have entered the vibe, and that feels good. Either way the change is coming, and there will be a rebirth, but it will include an eclipse which means there’s some big energy building as we move through the last dance with the fish. 

Moon square Pluto. In what ways are your instincts and needs changing? There is a transformation of power happening and you’ll need to contend with how that feels and what you are learning. This is a fixed square so there is frustration. Taurus Moon is getting us in our sense of security, so we may feel a ripple in our social circle, our need for freedom, our need for change. How are you embracing change through this energy?

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