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Tuesday November 21st

There are no real big transits to note but let’s talk about what is happening. Mars and Sun are separating from their conjunction in Scorpio, but the new cycle is still fresh. We are reeling from some of the wreckage.

Some of us were found out and exposed in a way only Scorpio can deliver. Some of us found out that what we were doing wasn’t actually what we thought. Some of us learned that we are about to lose or gain something. Is it something we want?

Our relationships have been through the ringer lately because we cannot fake our way through the truth, and yet some of us have constructed a false truth. It’s OK, we all do it. We hold on to an idea that is flimsy and fantastical, because there is so much work to do. We cannot feel grounded in something that isn’t sane. We need to transform what is happening, and we will.

We all messed up. Every single one of us. We are all to blame and we are all the solution. Let’s just try, OK?

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