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Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius: A Powder Keg; An opportunity

On February 21st, at 11:46 pm PST/ February 22nd at 2:46 we have a wild astrological event. Some would say it’s the climax from a story that goes back to July 22nd, 2023. Venus was catching up to Mars and came within 9 degrees of him. Venus- Mars conjunctions are cyclical rebirths of a coalescence of divine feminine and masculine energy (that every human has within them) that is a unifying call to relationships, finances, energy, and creativity. The last time these two met up was December 2022. 

But back in July, Venus went retrograde instead of meeting up with Mars, and she finally meets up with Mars on February 21st/ 22nd this year to unify at 6 degrees Aquarius. Venus is the planet that rules relationships and what we value, and Mars is the planet that rules will, desire, and energetic output. This is a sexy, romantic and bonding aspect. So we have that as our anchor, but there’s more spice in this pot. Venus and Mars are the rulers of the South Node and North Node respectively; the nodes are eclipse points, not celestial bodies, and they are linked to our karmic journey on earth. These points are working us in our relationships right now, and making us contend with our own individuality versus the balance we find in a relationship of any kind. This polarity had just started before Venus retrograde last summer, so if you’ve felt challenges, pressures, changes in your relationships; this was part of the plan.

In this conjunction, Venus and Mars are joining up in Aquarius, a sign known for it’s cold objectivity, rebelliousness, and penchant for taking the  temperature of the room and divining the vibe. Aquarius doesn’t understand itself through ego and instead works through understanding of others, family, and collective. It has a commitment to change and that which is weird, innovative, or freedom seeking. That’s some interesting energy to work with right there.

But Pluto is very close, at the 0 degree point of Aquarius, and that really throws in some power dynamics, revelations, and transformative energy in the mix. What does that mean? Something unconscious will become conscious. This is the kind of thing that you can’t unknow. Something you’ve been ignoring or pushing down will come to the surface. Pluto is trying to make us transform, and in this case it will help our relationships transform. 

Several hours before the conjunction, the Moon goes into Leo where it has an inclination for big displays of emotion, drama, a need to be seen, instinctual reactions, and an even, sustaining flame. This Moon first opposes Pluto, then Mars and Venus in Aquarius. Oppositions also speak to relationship dynamics, so much to say this is a little heavy handed. Whatever lesson we are just not getting might become abundantly clear. 

Which relationships are you struggling with right now? Why? Were these relationships stronger a year ago, or did you feel differently about these people back in July? Or did you feel differently about yourself within the relationship? Have you changed and you didn’t notice? Who are you know? Have any of these relationships changed you?

Is there anything you are hiding or hiding from those you love? Are you ready to disengage from someone? Are you ready to transform the relationship into something deeper? Are you ready to let them leave you? Are you ready to speak the truth about yourself?

Leo has heart, love and compassion; this moon is dramatic because it cares. Aquarius’s heart belongs to humanity. It is emotionally removed because it cares. But they both care differently. Venus and Mars in Aquarius bring intimacy to the forefront, but in a way that is felt through collective. There is beautiful potential here, a moment to become whole by ourselves or together, and allow ourselves to be moved. Pluto’s methods may be subtle or heavy-handed. Whatever happens out there in the world, lead with your heart and soul.

We are in Pisces season so art is a beautiful way to harness this energy. If you have a spiritual practice, this is a divine moment to sink into. Water is medicine, so engage with it in a way that feels accessible to you. And remember, Pisces is a sign of endings, and that is right and natural in some cases. Remember also that intimacy, if you allow it and work hard to maintain it through Pluto’s explosive moves, can grow deeper. 

I won’t lie, this also could hurt, and it could be hard to work with. There is always a shadow side to every transit. But if you drop into what’s real, tangible, and accessible between you and your family member, co-worker, boss, landlord, business partner, client, romantic partner; you will be able to move through this with grace. 

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