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Wednesday December 13th

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

5:49 pm PST/ 8:49 pm EST

Capricorn Moon conjunct Mercury @ 8 degrees

9:45 pm PST/ Dec. 14th 12:45 am EST

We get a taste of Capricorn vibes today, even though we are in strong Sagittarius energy right now. Moon trine Jupiter gives some great grounding and tangibility to how we can work with our impulses and beliefs to make things happen, to make things work. This is a nice earthy blessing while Sagittarius energy is always looking for the ideal. It’s great to have somewhere to shoot, but it’s also great to come back to what works.

Moon conjuncts Mercury retrograde as we may have a mind/body echo come up to contend with. We tend not to understand how much our memories are felt, smelled, seen, touched, but they are. When mind and body experience echoes from the past it could be experienced as a trigger, or a deep knowing, or a very pleasurable, centred grounding. The purpose of this conjunction is to help you remember what is real, what is foundational about where you are going and what you are doing. The way to move forward is to backtrack, in a way. Your intentions will find footing from this moment, whatever it brings you.

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