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Wednesday February 14th

Aries Moon square Capricorn Venus @ 27 degrees

2:19 am PST/ 5:19 am EST

Taurus Moon Square Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

8:20 am PST/ 11:20 am EST

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Mars @ 1 degree

8:54 am PST/ 11:54 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 9 degrees

10:30 pm PST/ February 15th 1:30 am EST

Moon makes a cardinal square to Venus. Something is stirring within us. The change and liberation coming through these ingresses to Aquarius are making us contend with changing emotional needs. Mars is our will and desire and it just conjuncted Pluto. We are transforming where our energy wants to go and now our bodies need to catch up. There is a need to connect and find out what’s real and there’s big feelings if we can’t get the connection, the funds, the resources we need. Capricorn will work hard to get there, and Aries Moon has big feelings that may not know where to go.

Moon makes a fixed square to Pluto. We may struggle to find the familiar, look to the past, feel very insecure with the changes that are erupting from within. Aquarius Pluto is here to transform us, and prepare us for the upcoming Aquarian energy. The impulse to freedom is big. The impulse to rebel will grate against the impulse to be comfortable, warm, safe, with your head down doing your work. Is there anything scaring you right now? Is there a way that you are changing that feels both good and uncomfortable right now? Did a change come to you– and you didn’t ask for it– so you feel forced into a whole new life you didn’t know you needed?

Fixed square with Moon and Mars. Continuing this theme today. Your desire and intention, your will and motion, it’s all becoming more emergent. Your soul is wanting you to evolve whether or not that’s your Martian impulse. Moon still wants security, enough money, warmth, and nice sheets. Moon wants to feel stable and Mars does not. Mars wants to burn it down, escape, try something weird, strange, kinky, or unexplored. Moon wants to stay at home and Mars wants to start a revolution.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter. This will all have an impact on beliefs, plans, and whatever you were building. There is potentially a confidence and belief that you know what to do. There may be a desire to indulge, or give into more basic needs. But there also may be ideas and inspirations throughout the day that have led you to new manifestations and a bigger inner call boosted by belief.

It’s not easy to feel the call of the soul, and it’s definitely not easy to do anything about a call of that magnitude. But the call is coming from within you, and if you can challenge your own beliefs about where you are going, you may find yourself with a way forward. The rest of the month is going to wrap up some old business from last summer and put us directly in place on the chess board of the future.

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