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Wednesday February 21st

Leo Moon opposes Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

7:36 am PST/ 10:36 am EST

Leo Moon opposes Venus and Mars in Aquarius @ 6 degrees

7:01 pm PST/ 10:01 pm EST

Aquarius Venus conjunct Mars @ 6 degrees (conjunct Pluto @ 0 degrees)

11:46 pm PST/ February 22nd 2:46 am EST

Today is a relationship story, revelation, rebirth, or transformation. We are all the narrators of our own movie, going through the same astrology together. It seems like we can’t escape this relationship theme these days.

Moon opposes Pluto. We are contending with emotional breakthroughs, blockage, and potential for drama. Both planets are in the purest degrees of their opposite signs, and oppositions are about our relationships. Pluto will explore what is hidden and needs to come to light– specifically we are looking at power dynamics and the emotions that it causes. There is an opportunity for growth and communication– if we acknowledge our traumas or inner patterns and work from that paradigm. We may not be able to hide our vulnerabilities, or we may find ourselves having to face something that we’ve done that we regret. We may be facing loss that we don’t want to acknowledge, or we could finally see the loss that has been there for a long time. This transit is to help you move forward, and that means we may have to open us something that we have tried to keep closed.

Moon then opposes Venus and Mars, almost conjunct, and Pluto is nearby enough to have his influence on the flavor of this whole show. Venus determines who and what we value, what we are available to receive, our finances and that which we love. Mars is our will, desire, drive, and movement of energy. Venus is known as feminine energy and Mars as masculine energy and together they synthesize as a kind of relationship metamorphosis. Leo Moon kicks this off with its opposition to Venus and Mars- suggesting that there might be some big feelings, major drama, and hurt egos. Leo Moon’s involvement suggests you may want to be cognizant about your leadership skills and how you bring your best to an emotionally intense situation. Leo is fire, and Venus and Mars are in fixed air. An explosion is possible, as is a public display. 

Leo wants to stand out and be seen. It wants adoration and acknowledgement.  Aquarius wants to be authentic, to drop the posturing, and be real. It wants independence and freedom while still being part of the unit or collective. Adding to the pressure, Pluto is on the scene close by to reveal, explode, transform, and shift this power. 

There’s a sexual, creative, and driven vibe to this energy. You may be in touch with some dormant desire that you haven’t faced. 

Try to keep Aquarian’s high mind, and Leo’s heart when dealing with this robust energy. No matter how hard it is, change is coming, and it’s coming for you. This transit has potential to be a beautiful thing for you and your relationships. How can you embrace change even when it's terrifying? What is being reborn right now?

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