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Wednesday February 28th 

Pisces Mercury Cazimi Sun  @ 9 degrees

12:48 am PST/ 3:48 am EST 

Pisces Mercury conjunct Saturn @ 9 degrees

6:58 am PT/ 9:58 am EST

Pisces Saturn Cazimi Sun  @ 9 degrees

1:09 pm PST/ 4:09 pm EST

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

9:31 pm PST/ February 29th  12:31 EST

9 degrees of Pisces is lit up today. The Sabian symbol for this degree is called “an aviator in the clouds.” and asks you where you have been flying to, if you are in charge of the flight, and what you have been avoiding? What’s going on in the clouds, and are you dealing with what’s going on at work?

Mercury in the Sun means you are getting divine wisdom in the purest form. This is a time to take note of your ideas and divine downloads, or the buzz you are hearing around you. Did anything take root? Did you have anything make you pay attention? Did anything come to you in your dreams?

Mercury conjunct Saturn. The planet of rules, boundaries and loooong lessons is going to put its spin on your thoughts and conversations. There are limitations and responsibilities that may come up and take centre stage. This could be an excellent time to do business or legal paperwork, sign contracts, or take on responsibility. This may be a time that challenges you to take on duties that you hadn’t planned for, bills may come in, and generally there could be circumstances that make you feel a bit bleak. If you were flying in the clouds, it might feel like it was a hard come-down to earth.

Saturn conjunct Sun. Did anything come to a culmination recently in your professional life that feels like it’s having a rebirth? Did you hit another milestone in your career, or with your passionate work, whether or not you get paid for this special thing that you do. There is this idea of the boundaries of time running against your identity, ego, and who you think you are. Who is the aviator of this flight? Where is it headed? Hard work, when it is inspired by a sense of duty, responsibility, and capability, can be one of the most rewarding things in the world. Saturn gets a bad rap, but Saturn is what gives you your longevity on earth, and your ability to achieve. Saturn is a thread that keeps you trying and trying, against all odds, to make it happen. Saturn is the triumph of the human spirit, when in its ideal state.

What are you being told about your capacity to work hard and achieve things? Can you see how far you have come?

Moon square Pluto. This day may transform your flight, from in the clouds to grounded. You may find out you went somewhere you didn’t plan to go, you may find out you need to turn around and start again. You may have to talk to your co pilot about who is flying the plane, and why? Pluto is the ruler of this Moon and Pluto will transform you into the best aviator for this flight. Will it be easy? With Scorpio Moon, it’s guaranteed that feelings will be hypersensitive, and chronic pain will flare. This is so you know what needs to change. This Pluto is calling you to the future.

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