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Wednesday February 7th

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 16 degrees

7:32 am PST/ 10:32 am EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries North Node & Libra South Node @ 17 degrees

9:34 am PST/ 12:34 pm EST

Capricorn Moon conjunct Venus @ 19 degrees

12:12 pm PST/ 3:12 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

12:17 pm PST/ 3:17 pm EST 

Capricorn Venus trine Taurus Uranus 19 degrees

1:09 pm PST/ 4:09 pm EST

In 12 days Chiron will conjunct with the North Node. So right now, we are getting the double hit with aspects to this area of Aries. They are 1 degree apart and we’ve been feeling the Chiron wounding in our identity, the call of our work as healers, the ancestral work that Chiron delivers. We are feeling it because it’s our future– the wound is the path.

Moon squares Chiron first and then the Nodes. Do you feel like you have to hold up the ship? What are you responsible for? Squares are frustrating, and emotionally you are pulling back. The Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn and the square makes it hard for emotions to be processed. Aries Chiron says that maybe you feel worthless. Maybe you feel discarded. Moon in Capricorn won’t let you express that, even if you feel it. You’ll keep on, but the pain will still be there, the feelings can only be transmuted. No one is worthless. And no one can discard you but you. And this square is here to teach you how important you are. 

The Nodal square will show you something from your past to invite you to your future. Whatever, whomever made you feel worthless is an echo from your past that ignites your shame. The South Node is in Libra, so there’s a relationship pattern. The North Node is in Aries asking you to look at yourself. Your identity. This wound. And the apexing Moon is there to help you move forward despite how it all feels. Capricorn Moon won't let you get lost in the pure emotion. There’s something in you that can reserve the histrionics and move through fire. 

Next we have a threesome between Capricorn Moon and Venus with Taurus Uranus. And we know that Uranus is a wildcard of information and influence that cannot be planned for. Uranus will deliver mundane or monumental pieces of insight that change the whole chain of events, or whole paradigm of thoughts. 

Moon first conjuncts Venus so we are immersed in an emotional recognition of values after the squares from earlier. We are really feeling what we need, what we value, and what we connect with. This is about what’s tangible and stable. What you can depend on. This solidity then gives way to Moon trine Uranus, and then Venus trine Uranus. We are experiencing something; easily, blatantly, substantial; that illustrates, or makes palpable, our needs and values. This is a key to today’s lesson. To know what you need. To know what you hold dear. To know how to move past this shame, this feeling of worthlessness to value yourself. 

What does it mean to value and connect with your whole self? In what ways do you cause your own pain by denying parts of yourself? Do you keep people around that hurt or disrespect you? Who can you count on? Do you sell yourself out energetically? Do you sacrifice your own needs without a thought?

You can count on yourself, that’s the point of today. Get that, feel that, and you’re golden. 

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