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Wednesday January 24th

T-square: Aries North Node @ 18 degrees conjunct Chiron @ 15 degrees as apex, square Cancer Moon @ 18 degrees opposite Capricorn Mars @ 14 degrees conjunct Capricorn Mercury @ 12 degrees

1:57 am PST/ 4:57 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

2:57 pm PST/ 5:57 pm EST

Leo Moon opposes Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

11:52 pm PST/ January 25th 2:52 am EST

This T-square is notable. I believe it will give us a taste of what’s in store for a good month as Chiron and North Node apply to a conjunction on February 19th. We are feeling this synthesis of our ancestral duty on earth, and the karma we carry through to completion. This is happening in Aries and suggests that we feel this wounding, and healing on an identity level but also that we feel it in relationship. And we are feeling something that hurts, more and more, all the time. The only thing to do with this is transmute it, and this upcoming conjunction is set to help us do that, but meanwhile we are getting lessons to  get us into the arena of the future.

So that is the apex of the T-square: how are we healers, how are we wounded, and how do we bring that forth into a destined role for humanity? How do we go beyond a social role and actually heal generations before us? So that’s the mechanism for the T-square to do its work, but what creates the tension is Cancer Moon's emergent feelings and emotional intelligence on one side, versus Capricorn Mercury and Mars which is how we think and act. Capricorn is slower, more strategic in its style, so thought and action will have a boundaried, careful approach. 

This is a Cardinal T-square, with North Node at the apex- we are still being ushered into the future, and called towards what feels unnatural. We are being asked to rely on our own devices, and use them to help others. This dynamic can have ripples throughout family patterns. What are you learning about how you can help, and how you want to help?

Moon trines Neptune to help you answer this question. This is a water trine, and something is going to come up to the surface. This is there to help you have a foot in the bigger picture. You are full of nerves and emotions and memories, but there is a point to all this. Can you allow the healing waters to dislodge what needs to clear? Can you have compassion for yourself?

Moon oppose Pluto. What is transforming in your life right now and how does that feel in the body? What is your body asking of you, and what is your heart telling you? Leo Moon is dramatic but behind the drama is big heart. Pluto in Aquarius is there to teach a big lesson about you, your needs in the collective and whether or not you can get what you want. Pluto is here to show you where you are weak, or lack the foundation to help. We need to be bigger and better, we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard so we can be the "elders council" that the future needs right now.

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