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Wednesday January 31st

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron @ 16 degrees (conjunct SN/NN @ 17 degrees) 

8:36 am PST/ 11:36 am EST

Libra Moon Conjunct South Node in Libra @ 17 degrees

12:18 pm PST/ 3:18 pm EST

T-square: Capricorn Mars is apex @ 20 degrees, square Libra Moon @ 20 degrees, Aries Chiron @ 16 degrees, North Node in Aries @ 17 degrees

5:59 pm PST/ 8:59 pm EST

Today the aspects are Cardinal squares, and they last all day. Cardinal squares are asking us to start something. Like we have to mount a campaign, even though it takes a lot of effort.

All day is a T-square with Capricorn Mars at the apex. We are planning and strategizing the right moves to make next. You have been called to do something and move something, through pressures. That energy is going to be sent out of your minds eye.  You have a lot to lose, and a lot that can go awry. There’s a LOT going on today.

We have been dealing with relationship issues– our own patterns with our past, coming up against what we need as individuals to move forward. Concurrently, we’ve been understanding an identity wound that holds us back, that hurts us. That identity wound also says that we can be heroes, if just for one day. There might be no ‘we” at all. It’s easier to be a hero with a sidekick. Maybe we are doing it all alone. Maybe we are the hero we’ve been waiting for. Goddamn it’s lonely to be your own hero. But also, who can you actually count on?

Chiron is searching out the North Node, and there is lot of pain with those we love. We have been doubled over in agony. We miss our connections.. We are alone in this great tundra.

Moon conjuncts South node, Chiron conjuncts (almost) North Node, so we can have a very emotional, very hurt, very ancestral response, as we parse through the pain. We are supposed to learn something here. About our wound, our future, our patterns and our physical expression. At some point it’s just pain. It’s just pain.

Whatever you are supposed to learn about today, it’s that you can move your energy forward. You can figure out what you actually want and move towards that. The rest, is window dressing.

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