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Wednesday March 6th: Something is Dug Up, and We Have To Deal With It

A private investigator checks out a spaceship.
Investigating the spaceship.

Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto @ 1 degree

6:54 pm PST/ 9:54 pm EST

Moon conjunct Pluto. Something bold, new, and emergent is happening within. This sounds exciting. There is an impulse for freedom, an impulse to really do what you want. This transit digs deep into your instinctual nature and possibly into your family patterns. Something is dug up and we have to deal with it, in this very friendly and fraternal vibe. Perhaps you have changed or in the process of coming “out” about something.  Perhaps you found the seed of that thing that makes you rebel. Whatever the flavor, this is some smart and inspired energy in the middle of all this emotional work. Follow the breadcrumbs.

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