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Wednesday November 29th

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 1 degree

12:50 am PST/ 3:50 am EST

Yod: Sagittarius Sun @ 7 degrees as apex, inconjunct Cancer Moon @ 3-8 degrees and Taurus Jupiter @ 7 degrees

4:55 am PST/ 7:55 am EST

Libra Venus conjunct South Node/ opposite North Node in Aries @ 24 degrees, T square with Capricorn Pluto at apex @ 28 degrees

9:04 am PST/ 12:04 pm EST

Day begins with the water trine we need. We are learning how to master our emotions and the lesson hurts. We know it hurts but the show must go on and we can’t stop loving just because it hurts. Love is radical work and we must recognize what that means.

LOVE is not just playing board games, nice dinners, and fine wine. Love is what carries us through the trenches, love is how we show up when our heart is broken and sore, and love is how we transcend the most potent betrayals, and how we let go of everything we thought we ever were. Love is more than pleasure, and any love is that is only-easy has a finite shelf-life. This water trine is about all that. The yod is going to hammer it home.

The yod asks us to consciously become more, the buildup is that water trine and the astrology of the past few days or weeks. The yod wants us to grow up and get with the program. We are bigger than simple concepts. We can be the agents for change and truth if we do the $$%#* work. We need to do the work– and this yod will work us into something better and more sturdy.

Mars is close by Sun to demand a course of action and we can stand idle and dawdle with it but Sun will demand from us our own self to change. We may fight it, but we will end up fighting ourselves.

Certain relationships are hanging by a thread. It’s either because they need to go, or because they need to change. Which is it? Venus sits on South Node to ask this very question.

“Are you part of a pattern for me, or am I grappling with a new way of being? Am I learning how to be more “me” because of you?”

This is the magic of the pain of loving people. This is how we become ourselves.

What is left, and what are we finding? A conjunction to South Node is an opposition to North Node. North Node is our future karma, and this relationship will bring you there: kicking and screaming, beat up to no recognition, or finely packaged in nice wrapping. I can’t tell you how you will be delivered to the future--but your behaviour, when you look in the mirror and see it-- will. We are all going through it together.

Choose wisely.

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