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Weekly transits for August 21st to 27th

Monday August 21st

Libra Moon opposite Aries North Node @ 26 degrees

9:22 am PST/ 12:22pm EST

Libra Moon conjuncts the South Node to give you a reminder of some old habits and tricks you use, that may not be your best moves. Perhaps you’re in an old story or pattern in your relationships, but you’re going to be faced with a new way of being. You’re just getting your training wheels on this nodal lesson right now, so this might be a small moment where your body signals something needing to change. Moon is opposite the North Node- making this signature personal.

Have you noticed yourself playing out an old pattern in your relationships? Can you find where it originates, or who it originates from? place in your body in which you feel this pattern?

Tuesday August 22nd

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

12:30 am PST/ 3:30 am EST

Leo Venus square Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

5:03 am PST/ 8:03 am EST

Virgo Mars opposite Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

1:33 pm PST/ 3:33 pm EST

Scorpio Moon square Leo Venus @ 14 degrees

9:08 pm PST/ August 23rd 12:08 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposite Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

9:46 pm PST/ August 23rd 12: 46 am EST

Today has some juicy transits. Moon is in Scorpio which means our bodies are very sensitive, psychic and attuned. That also means that chronic pain flare ups for some of us might make things especially challenging. Saturn trines Moon to help us understand the bigger picture of our work here, whether it be physical or emotional. One can’t really exist without the other anyway, but we Saturn makes sure we are on the right track, we are cut off from what isn’t important to our path. How is your body showing you this? Is anything surprising?

Retrograde Venus makes a fixed square to Jupiter, guaranteeing that we’ll be pushing the boundaries and edges. We might be testing something to see how far it will go, and we might be spending more, drinking more, experimenting more, and perhaps testing our beloved relationships more. We are definitely trying to understand what is and what could be, especially with our values. We may think we need more money, more love, more connection, more alcohol, better outfits, better cars: more, more, more. And of course there is always that hunger. But can you centre in your infinite self? The self that actually is a package of perfection here and now? What can you be if you embrace your divinity?

The reason why I ask this is because Mars is opposing Neptune next and this transit isn’t great for getting what you want, or having clarity, drive, or mastery. Mars in Virgo has discipline, order and direction, but Neptune in Pisces is smoke and mirrors, a moving target that isn’t a target at all. It bewitches us, deludes us, and alters our state of consciousness to help us get really clear on our direction and self control. Perhaps we are too eager to jump to the next conclusion, page, or step. Perhaps we need to marinate in it longer. That’s what Neptune wants. Spirituality and art are favored for this transit. Yoga, dance, and meditation will be helpful.

Moon makes a fixed square with Venus, where we come into frustration with our values and sensitivities, our bodily containers, and how much they want to be seen, connected, and valued. We may be focusing too hard on what isn’t working when really we have these sensitivities to guide us. Scorpio Moon wants you to feel your feelings, and focus on what needs to go. Venus retrograde in Leo is asking you how you want to be valued, what you value, and what needs to be reviewed about the way you are out in the world. Fixed square lessons are difficult because both signs have an immovable quality to them, but Moon and Venus are never truly at odds, they are two parts of your emotional truth.

Moon opposes Jupiter in this final transit of the day; which is actually a T-square with Venus at the apex. What a way to cap this off! A collection of who you actually are, who you dream of being, and who and what you want coming on this ride. This energy is looking at your energetic trifecta and demanding that you hold fast on some of your best qualities while shifting some focuses and dreams. Taurus Jupiter is asking us where we are going, where could we go, and what do you believe? Scorpio Moon asks us how we actually feel, what needs to be shed or let go of or transmuted and what does our body need for this process to happen? Retrograde Leo Venus says that you will connect and value what is important, and lead your people forward in the best way possible. Who are you becoming in this retrograde? Do you recognize yourself in the mirror?

Wednesday August 23rd

Virgo Season begins!

2:02 am PST/ 5:02 am EST

Virgo Mercury Stations Retrograde @ 21 degrees

12:59 pm PST/ 3:59 pm EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 23 degrees

12:18 pm PST/ 3:18 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

7:33 pm PST/ 10:33 pm EST

After a big Leo party, we need to change our focus to more earthly pursuits. We need to put away our gowns and glad-pants, and put on our overalls to tend to our gardens, our health routines, and all the details in our life. It’s Virgo season, and while it doesn’t have the flash and panache of Leo vibes, Virgo’s ability to serve, know and deliver what is needed, cut through the b/s, and be aware of what’s going on is what we all need. Beneath all those forest fires is a living and breathing earth from which the trees were born from. She provides life, and there is so much going on underneath that we have no idea of. It’s time to tend the earth. Things will feel a little less flashy, but a lot more organized.

I say this but right after we land in Virgo season, its ruler, Mercury goes retrograde in this sign too. You’re likely already learning Virgo lessons with lots of mental stimulation. Your computers, phones, vehicles or travel plans might be malfunctioning. You may have misunderstandings and miscommunications. Something is under review in your Virgo house and you’re likely just getting into what that is. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, so there’s going to be some powerful mental energy this month. You might be buzzing with information that wants to move faster than it can. How can you ground yourself during this season?

Sensitive Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus to give us some sort of freedom inducing surprise or transformative information that will change the game. It could come in the form of a relationship moment; something said, something happens that makes brings in a transformation in your body. Perhaps it’s an understanding, a knowing, or even an insecurity that teaches you more about your feelings. This is a quick transit asking you where you are solid and where you need to change.

A water trine between Moon and Neptune suggests that there is some deep healing from all this new Virgo work you’ve been doing. This can happen in the liminal plane, deep in meditation, or even during sleep hours. Your body is connected to the heavens and to the eternal womb of creation. There is nothing you need to do but trust and open to the healing of this water trine. In what ways can you give yourself the rest you need? In what ways can you allow your body to go into “repair-mode?”

Thursday August 24th

Sagittarius Moon square Virgo Sun @ 1 degree

2:57 am PST/ 5:57 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

9:29 am PST/ 12:29 pm EST

A mutable square between Sun and Moon says we might have a lot of inner ambition and idealism that can get mired in the day to day, our need to have things done in our way and rhythm. Sometimes we can be hold too close to details without considering the big picture. Sometimes our idealism and sense of freedom and movement can feel buried under the weight of day to day survival. If you feel inwardly squashed or impeded, or outwardly mad at yourself for your lack of progress, it is likely this passing transit and not something you will experience for too long. It is there to put you in touch with yourself.

Sagittarius Moon then makes a mutable square to Pisces Saturn. The point of these squares is to force us to change, and this idealistic and optimistic urge might feel lost in the void with this square to Saturn. Saturn won’t let Moon do whatever it likes, and can make us feel like we are lost at sea, with no direction or purpose; something that is difficult for Sagittarius to deal with. Being lost at sea can make Moon feel totally unsafe, so remember this too, if you feel like the waves keep coming. Moon doesn't like being lost at sea and yet she controls the sea. Can she ever truly be lost? Moon transits are quick and this feeling will pass. What are your goals, and what is behind them?

Friday August 25th

Sagittarius Moon trine Leo Venus @ 14 degrees

2:25 am PST/ 5:25 am EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

11:58 am PST/ 2:58 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon square Virgo Mercury @ 21 degrees

3:43 pm PST/ 6:43 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries North Node/ sextile Libra South Node @ 26 degrees

11;55 pm PST/ August 26th 2:55 am EST

Today we get lucky with some beneficial fire trines starring optimistic, and ambitious Sagittarius Moon. Sagittarius is idealistic and wants to create a bigger legacy for the world. It wants to expand out and do more, and this body wants to move.

Moon gets a trine from Leo Venus first, making our bodies in sync with our values, and our idealism boosting our relationships and money making prowess. Something might be working out better than usual in these regards– our leadership, our way of connecting with others, our way of showing people who we really are. Are you noticing changes about how you see yourself in relation to others through this retrograde?

Then we get a trine from Aries Chiron. Our wound has been working us in our identity space. We have been feeling how our wound is the entry point into our purpose in life. Not the capitalistic purpose of “finding the right career.” The right career is one flavor or shade of what our purpose in life is. The people we love, the connections we make, and what we add to the collective as we move through these “interesting times” have much more to do with our purpose in life. Have you ever just loved a being so much and so unabashedly that you grew because of it-- feeling strong in such deep love, despite everything falling down around you? Perhaps you’ll get a taste of that today.

Moon then squares Mercury where whatever mayhem is lurking in the retrograde will risk dampening Moon’s enthusiasm and optimism. Virgo Mercury is smart, analytical, and perfectionist, and can be known to be way too critical for Sagittarius Moon’s tastes. There might be a frustration, a slow down, or disappointment. But there is a reason for this, which you will learn these next few weeks. There’s a reason your mind is on overdrive and it’s there to help release you from patterns.

Finally this Moon makes beautiful aspects to the Nodes to show us where we are going is not mutually exclusive from where we have been. Our body is a container for what we came from, and it’s the vehicle in which we will drive into the future. This Moon is ready to bound into future possibilities and ideas. Aries North Node wants us to really know ourselves, and be autonomous, while we may have come from relationships that always wanted compromise. What are you starting to learn about yourself and your identity?

Saturday August 26th

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

12:48 am PST/ 3:48 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Virgo Mars @ 29 degrees

4:46 am PST/ 7:46 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Virgo Sun @ 3 degrees

11:38 am PST/ 2:38 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon makes a mutable square to Pisces Neptune. Something might be confusing, you may find yourself wondering if you’ve been gaslit, or you might find yourself being misled. If it doesn’t make sense, you don’t have the whole story. Confusion may set in for a while, but will pass quickly. Pisces Neptune loves us, but will obscure the way home for us on purpose.

Sagittarius Moon then makes a square to Virgo Mars, where our bodies, cycles, and reactionary actions may find themselves in the crosshairs. Virgo Mars likely wants to get something done, practically, while Sagittarius Moon wants to deal with the bigger picture and doesn't want to get bogged down in minutiae. Is there a way for you to be idealistic AND deal with the day to day? Can your body be inspired even if you there’s dishes in the sink, laundry to do, and groceries to pick up?

Capricorn Moon trines the Sun in a beautiful integration of the physical and egoic self. We are earthly and humble, but powerfully practical. Sometimes we want to escape the realities of our aging bodies and identities, and discount the beauty that is there. Capitalism says our bodies must be slim, muscular, taut, and symmetrical. But our bodies breathe on their own, clean blood, digest. Our systems are miracles, even our wrinkled skin, our big hips and our scars are beautiful signatures that we have lived. And that we have survived. Is there a way you can love yourself for how you have held on through all this craziness all this time? To love a body that is still eating and working as best as it can, the way you would love your beloved pet who is hanging on just to love you a bit longer, is beautiful medicine, and practice.

Sunday August 27th

Mars enters Libra

6:20 am PST/ 9:20 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

7:57 am PST/ 10:57 am EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

2:27 pm PST/ 5:27 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Virgo Mercury @ 21 degrees

5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 23 degrees

8:21 pm PST/ 11:21 pm EST

Mars enters the sign of its detriment in Libra today. You might find yourself, during this transit, more able to compromise, and more interested in how to placate or promote peace, than get your way. You may find yourself flirty, charming, or really good at figuring out what to do in conflict situations. Also you might find yourself to be very indecisive, scared to speak up about something that is wrong, or passive aggressive. How do you fare when it’s time to armor up? Are you quick to fight, or do you avoid fighting whenever possible? Will Libra Mars cool you down, or keep you stuck? How can you use it to your advantage?

We have a beneficial earth trine between Moon and Jupiter where we are revisiting the power of our strength, stamina, and drive in relationship with our beliefs about ourselves and our expansion. This is a practical blessing that may have us going further with our ability to make money, or build security within ourselves. Emotionally, you may be enjoying the security of work, school, or dealing with the things that make you comfortable.

Capricorn Moon squares Aries Chiron to remind us that no matter how regulated we are, we can still get triggered. There are a million papercuts in our identity, and sometimes life throws vinegar on it. This square will help you recognize that there is more to pain than emotions, and there are ways to use this energy for good. Can you see that your own healing can be a gift for someone else, and that your wisdom is needed by others?

Moon trines Mercury as our bodies tend with overactive thinking and communicating. Are you anxious? What does anxiety do to your body? This trine is trying to heal you on a physical level, and bring ways and understanding to your knee-jerk reactions and feelings. What are you learning about the way you feel? What mind games have you deconstructed yourself from? Can you feel your power to change these patterns?

Moon trines Uranus as some new information or ideas become known and give us new, practical information we need to continue our physical lives. These packages can be delivered through many forms; ideas, epiphanies, realizations, knowing looks, and events. Whatever information we need to continue forward will be revealed, and this is to benefit us. What do you know now that you didn’t yesterday? How is this beneficial to your bottom-line?

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