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Weekly transits for August 7th-13th

Monday August 7th

BML conjunct Venus in Leo @ 23 degrees, trine Uranus @ 22 degrees

7:30 pm PST/ 10:30 pm EST

Taurus Moon trine Virgo Mercury @ 12 degrees

10:09 pm PST/ August 8th 1:09 am EST

I don’t normally get into Lillith transits but since this raw unconscious power will conjunct Venus in Leo, and trine Uranus, it seems especially potent and significant. Lilith is our unconscious desires, what is repressed, and this transit will trigger something that will likely bring this to some sort of light. Uranus is really trying to help us see what we can’t see. Leo is all about drama, so we can guarantee that there could be some spillover with our emotions, our unconscious desires, and the changes that are being directed through this work. Whatever Venus has you working on is guaranteed to bring this all up. Try to have compassion and foresight to not let your emotions be someone else’s problem. We’re all going through it today.

Moon trine Mercury will lend some beneficial and helpful energy between our thoughts/ mind patterns/ communications and rooted reactionary feelings and emotional spheres. This is an earth trine, meaning we’re provided practical help and coalescence with our guidance system, which is helpful after we’ve descended into the Venusian underworld. Likely you are feeling around in the dark for what is fun, abundant, and feels good. Pleasure could be at all time low, or the things that normally give pleasure are not not doing so.

The earthy trine will help us move through this uncomfortable territory, that is really playing with our relationships. We might need the grounding to remind us who we really are and what we really need.

Sometimes all we know is that we have a body and it needs food, rest, water, and softness. And that is enough to know for today, as our emotions, preferences, and relationships are getting detangled.

Tuesday August 8th

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 14 degrees

1:10 am PST/ 4:10 am EST

Taurus Moon square Leo Sun @ 15 degrees

3:27 am PST/ 6:27 am EST

Taurus Moon trine Virgo Mars @ 17 degrees

7:45 am PST/ 10:45 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 22 degrees

4:49 pm PST/ 7:49 pm EST

Taurus Moon square Leo Venus @ 23 degrees

5:19 pm PST/ 8:19 pm EST

Taurus Moon joins Jupiter for some expanding beliefs coming from an emotional standpoint. Perhaps something has been stirred in relation to your ability to receive, and you are able to see that you can actually make something happen. There is tangibility to this transit, if rooted in a place of power and not the pinch of fear that Taurus can feel if insecure. The trick is to find the inner abundance, and a place of trust. Easy to say, harder to do, especially with all this retrograde action.

And that’s where a square to the Leo Sun will test your confidence in other ways. There is insecurity looming and a real ego challenge. There are ways to parse through these crippling ideas, born from emotional habits set long ago, before you even knew what they were. Taurus Moon wants your confidence to be stable, and Leo Sun wants it to be mighty. What outside force seems like a must-have for you to know you are safe– and will it actually make you safe?

An earth trine with Virgo Mars makes Moon able to handle moving the emotions into a next step. There are smaller steps that equal bigger ones! What small steps are going in the right direction? Can you feel the gift of practical steps forward?

And it’s possible you’ll get a surprise idea or insight, an emotional memory or epiphany that will be known in your body when Moon conjuncts Uranus. There could be a small course correction showing you where to put your attention, and your physical self, next.

Moon squares Leo Venus, currently retrograde, to help us feel, inwardly, what is coming up. This likely won’t feel awesome, only because we are really getting to the heart of what’s going on, and that’s where things are raw and vulnerable. The thing is that we’ve been covering up this spot now for a long time, whatever hurts has been hurting for much longer, we just don’t quite notice it the same as we do now. This is a body experience, as much as a heart one. What is your body telling you about your values and the way you connect? This is a place to start.

August 9th

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

3:39 am PST/ 6:39 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 5 degrees

3:44 pm PST/ 7:44 pm EST

Virgo Mercury trine Taurus Jupiter @ 14 degrees

5:32 pm PST/ 8:32 pm EST

Earth trine wants us to have some benefit in our emotional spheres, so there will be basic comforts available. Whatever stability that is already in your life will shine for you and let you know that whatever transformation feels like destruction, is only working on the parts that must go. There are parts of your foundation that are staying, and even if you don’t know it in your brain, your body knows it.

A mutable square with Moon and Saturn suggests there will be some thinking, communicating, anxiety and some deep work before us. Whatever changes that are hitting us on the horizon will have us handcuffed to our true purpose and work. Likely your work these days is figuring out a relationship or two. The depth of Pisces Saturn says that this lesson is bigger than the dull worry of Gemini Moon. Gemini Moon is highly intelligent, but needs this Saturn’s kick in the pants to keep us on task. What thing is happening that feels like a bigger life lesson than it’s presenting as? Can you connect the ideas?

Virgo Mercury is here to deliver some help by trining Taurus Jupiter. Something is tangibly growing here, and your mind might just be ready to discover what that is. You might have the analyzing skills to figure it out. Even if it’s not obvious yet, these earth signs are carrying us forward, practically through this very uncomfortable terrain. Your beliefs, thoughts, and way of working it out will be in line with your growth. What is something you can trust right now? Can you find stability and trust in yourself?

Thursday August 10th

Gemini Moon square Virgo Mercury @ 15 degrees

11:00 am PST/ 2:00 pm EST

Gemini Moon square Virgo Mars @ 19 degrees

7:27 pm PST/ 10:27 pm EST

This Moon is ruled by Virgo Mercury while squaring it, so there will be some analytical and perfection-seeking tendencies today that may have us emotionally out of sorts. This mutable square is trying to help you understand your feelings and thoughts, so a balance of curiosity, good communication skills, and focused questioning of the brain’s worst-case-scenario habits will help us.

This situation is centred around all the relationship lessons we are learning now, and sometimes we can take ourselves down some pretty serrated paths to get to something that feels true, but isn’t actually true. Surfing these waves of doubt can hurt us before we even know what’s going on. Try to keep your openness while in this uncomfortable territory.

This same Moon squares Virgo Mars, which demands movement of energy, decision making, and discipline. It could be that we are asked to do something that we’d rather not, or that our brains are demanding action when we are unsure of what to do. This square is frustrating because it’s asking you to extend your wisdom AND action at the same time. Is the urgency yours, or someone else’s? Who and what is making you act?

Friday August 11th

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

10:26 am PST/ 1:26 pm EST

Confusion and anxiety may be on the menu today as we have another mutable square. Change is in the air, but what change, exactly? We– emotionally may be needing answers, seeking out opinions and looking into everything under the sun. There is an air of the un-knowable today, and that is by design. We are on our way somewhere and not supposed to see all the inner workings of our destination.

Meanwhile we are in a strange place with certain people, and what we value in them. Something may have happened to really test a relationship. Perhaps something is asking us to retrace our steps and our value systems. This is hard, and sometimes it hurts. Can you let things unfold anyway without feeling the need to know exactly what’s happening?

Saturday August 12th

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

1:36 am PST/ 4:36 am EST

Cancer Moon makes a water trine to Saturn. This is beneficial emotional energy, allowing us to feel our feels and still be influenced by a larger purpose. This package can feel like a lot, but its beneficial gifts are moving us to the big transit of the week, which we have been warming up for over several weeks. This is big heart work, so why not a little emotional regulation now? Can you feel a purpose echoing through these trials and tribulations? Water trines are healing energy– but healing often feels like a release of all kinds of things.

Is there something to release from deep down in the ocean today? If so, it might be terribly uncomfortable to surface, so be compassionate about what comes up and let it exit. Whatever is coming up is ready to go. Trust that.

Sunday August 13th

Leo Sun conjunct (cazimi) Venus Retrograde @ 20 degrees (square Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees)

4:10 am PST/ 7:10 am EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

7:04 am PST/ 10:04 am PST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

9:56 pm PST/ August 14th 12:56 am EST

Cancer Moon square North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra @ 27 degrees

10:17 pm PST/ August 14th 1:17 am EST

When Venus is conjunct Sun she is a powerful seed. Also, because she is in Leo, she is supercharged with Sun in it’s rulership. Venus is anointed with the light of ego, integration, and finds her essential core here.

It’s possible this transit is really affecting your self value, and confidence because Venus is going into the underworld to shed what isn’t real or of value anymore. Many times we attach these things to our ego, and as they are shed in this process, we are left with something that feels , as Ginsberg once wrote “starving, hysterical, naked.” We feel crazy and alone because we are missing the things that made us feel like ourselves. In this Cazimi moment we are reborn without the attachments of before. We are a new person, able to love in a new way.

Birth is painful, so give it a few days, or even a week to see what values are emerging, strengthened, and connecting you to your heart.

Cancer Moon squares Aries Chiron to hammer it home. You must feel the wound, you must transmute it, and you must move into the light anyway. You are cracked open, so you may feel highly vulnerable emotionally.

Moon trines Neptune for some healing, dreamwork. Water trines are there to heal what feels raw and exposed, and Neptune will keep you linked to the great eternal ocean womb to ensure that you can access the love you need right now. It is within in, and it created you. You cannot escape that divine love if you tried.

When Moon squares the Nodes she’s giving us a karmic nod to our relationship patterns, and needs. We can likely feel something in our bodies here, and it’s perhaps an integration of past and future, ancestral habitual ideas that work through us as a conduit. There is a deep lesson going on with us, but it’s working mysteriously. Can you see who you might be now that you’ve dropped all those attachments? Can you see a future where you move forward with a bit less of your baggage, but you still have all that value about yourself?

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